CMI Level 6 Assignments


CMI Unit 606 Developing and Leading Strategy Level 6 Assignment Sample UK

CMI Unit 606 Developing and Leading Strategy Level 6 Assignment Sample UK

The CMI 606 Developing and Leading Strategy course helps participants to develop powerful analytical skills with the goal of developing strategies to improve personal, business, or organizational performance. During the course, topics such as strategy analysis, execution methods, and team-building strategies are discussed in an engaging way that encourages students to think outside of the box.

This highly tailored program uses real-world discussions and intellectual exercises to bridge the gap between theory and practice. As a result, each participant is able to fully understand how strategic plans move from concept to implementation in any environment.

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In this section, we will explain some assignment briefs. Here’s a breakdown of what they include:

CMI 606 Task 1: Understand approaches to developing organisational strategy.

Developing a successful organizational strategy requires a combination of both vision and action. With a clear understanding of the desired outcome, careful planning should be conducted to identify the necessary path to that end. All stakeholders should be consulted and environmental trends and internal capabilities must be taken into consideration. A variety of methods can be used to develop a strategy, such as SWOT analysis, competitive positioning analysis, or scenario planning. It is crucial for an organization to create a feasible plan with dynamic implementation processes to ensure bottom-line results.

AC 1.1 Critically assess the inter-relationship between organisational strategy and functional and operational strategies.

Examining the inter-relationship between organizational strategy and functional and operational strategies is key to understanding how organisations can effectively reach their goals. The organisational strategy provides the organisation with a long-term mission or vision, while functional and operational strategies are used to ensure that each individual department or function within an organisation works together by breaking the larger goal into smaller actions.

Each of these strategies is dependent on one another in order for an organisation to function optimally, as it is not enough for a business to have an effective organisational strategy without taking into account how each department works towards achieving its own goals in line with this vision. It is therefore essential that both objectives are assessed concurrently when designing an effective organisational pathway.

AC 1.2 Evaluate factors which influence the development of organisational strategy.

Organisational strategy is developed based on a number of different factors, some of which are external and others internal. Factors such as the market environment, competition, customer demands, and the availability of relevant resources must all be taken into consideration when crafting an effective strategy. In addition, organisations need to consider the objectives they wish to achieve with the strategy, any legal or regulatory requirements which may influence development and implementation, and the influence of stakeholders including investors, members of staff, and unions. Overall, understanding and evaluating all these factors is essential for developing an organisational strategy that has the ability to yield maximum long-term success.

AC 1.3 Critically appraise approaches to developing organisational strategy.

The importance of having a well-thought-out organisational strategy cannot be overstated. It can provide direction and act as the cornerstone for the development of businesses, helping to increase efficiency, improve communication and reduce costs. A good strategy helps align decision-making at all levels and allows for greater clarity about what the organisation seeks to achieve. An effective approach to developing an organisational strategy will often involve a thorough analysis of the external environment and internal competencies to help identify opportunities for achievement.

Furthermore, this process must be conducted regularly so that new trends in the broader environment can be taken into account and incorporated into the evolving strategy. Involving stakeholders in the process is also key; involving them during various stages will promote understanding, ownership, and engagement with the direction of the organisation. As such, combining a careful examination of both internal resources and external conditions while incorporating stakeholder feedback into each step is an important way to ensure successful organisational strategies are created and sustained.

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CMI 606 Task 2: Know how to develop and lead operational strategy to achieve a strategic aim.

Developing and leading an effective operational strategy requires a thorough analysis of resources and capabilities, as well as an understanding of the organizational’s strategic aim. To achieve success in any business initiative, it is vital to building a comprehensive structure that aligns the operations and strategy components while effectively managing resources. Once the operational framework is established, leaders must ensure that departments across the organization thoroughly understand their role in achieving the strategic goals.

AC 2.1 Critically discuss a process to develop an operational strategy to achieve a strategic aim.

Developing an operational strategy to achieve a strategic aim requires a comprehensive and thoughtful approach. Organizations should begin by taking inventory of their current resources such as personnel, technology, and budget in order to identify areas that need improvement. This information should then be used to establish measurable objectives based on the strategic goal. Once these have been identified, the organization should define specific tactical elements needed to put their plan into action including identification of necessary resources, the delegation of roles, and assigning of deadlines for completion.

Finally, it is essential to establish consistent methods for monitoring progress and progress outcomes in order to ensure the operational strategy is achieving the desired results. With effective process planning, organizations can ensure their operational strategies are informed and well-executed for the successful delivery of their stated objectives.

AC 2.2 Recommend approaches to leading operational strategy and achieving stakeholder buy-in.

Leading an operational strategy toward achieving a strategic aim can be challenging without stakeholder buy-in. In order to ensure that stakeholders understand the goals and objectives of the organization, leaders should provide clear communication about the purpose and expected outcomes of the operational strategy. Furthermore, they should actively involve their stakeholders throughout the process in order to get their feedback and build a consensus around the objectives.

Leaders should also ensure that stakeholders have access to information about the progress and results of the operational strategy in order to promote transparency and accountability. Finally, it is important for leaders to recognize successes along the way in order to keep everyone motivated and build a culture of achievement within the organization.

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