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Critical Analysis Nursing Essay Sample UK

Critical Analysis Nursing Essay Sample UK

Writing a critical analysis nursing essay requires an understanding of the various aspects of the field. It calls for an understanding of the content, context, and structure in which data is presented. Additionally, it requires a deep knowledge of how to navigate through the research processes in order to identify the relevant information.

Consequently, physicians should focus on developing skills such as writing style and critical thinking that will help them compose this type of academic work. This essay can be composed in different formats that require students to demonstrate their evaluation, drawing seemingly disparate ideas back into a cohesive argument. Critical analysis nursing essays are structured documents that have a purpose and direction, as well as an audience in mind from the outset.

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Nursing is a highly demanding profession that requires critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and evidence-based decision-making skills. Critical analysis is an essential aspect of nursing practice, as it enables nurses to evaluate patient data and make informed decisions about patient care. This essay will critically analyze the role of nursing assessment in promoting patient safety and quality of care, using the UK healthcare system as a case study.

Nursing Assessment

Nursing assessment is the first step in the nursing process, and it involves collecting patient data through observation, interviews, and physical examination. Nursing assessment is a critical aspect of nursing practice, as it provides the foundation for developing a care plan that meets the patient’s needs. The purpose of nursing assessment is to identify the patient’s health status, including physical, psychological, and social aspects, and to determine the patient’s current and potential health problems.

Nursing assessment is an essential component of patient safety and quality of care. According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines, all patients admitted to hospitals should undergo a comprehensive nursing assessment within 24 hours of admission. Nursing assessment helps to identify patients at risk of developing complications, such as pressure ulcers, falls, and infections, and provides an opportunity for early intervention to prevent adverse outcomes.

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Furthermore, nursing assessment is critical in promoting patient-centered care. Patient-centered care is an approach to care that places the patient at the center of care delivery and involves patients in decision-making about their care. Nursing assessment provides an opportunity for nurses to identify the patient’s preferences, values, and beliefs, and to incorporate them into the care plan. Patient-centered care has been shown to improve patient satisfaction, reduce healthcare costs, and improve patient outcomes.

However, nursing assessment is not without its challenges. Nurses may encounter difficulties in obtaining accurate patient data due to various reasons, such as language barriers, cognitive impairment, and patient anxiety. In addition, nursing assessment is time-consuming, and nurses may face time constraints in completing a comprehensive assessment, especially in busy clinical settings.


In conclusion, nursing assessment is a critical aspect of nursing practice that promotes patient safety, quality of care, and patient-centered care. Nursing assessment provides a foundation for developing a care plan that meets the patient’s needs and identifies patients at risk of developing complications. However, nursing assessment is not without its challenges, and nurses may face difficulties in obtaining accurate patient data and completing a comprehensive assessment due to time constraints. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize nursing assessment in nursing practice and to provide nurses with the necessary resources and support to perform a comprehensive assessment.

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