CIPS Level 3 Level 3: Advanced Certificate in Public Procurement, Assignment, UOS, UK

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CIPS Level 3 Level 3: Advanced Certificate in Public Procurement, Assignment, UOS, UK

UniversityUniversity of Sussex ( UOS)
SubjectCIPS Level 3 : Advanced Certificate in Public Procurement

SECTION A: Introduction to your organisation

  1. Introduction to your organisation and business unit, outlining the nature of the products/services, markets, demand patterns, company structure and brief history: 
  2. Identify a real and relevant procurement case from your organisation or business unit to be used as an example and reference point in Section B.:


In this section you must answer the 10 questions listed in Table 1 in your WBA Project Brief (Part I.) 

Question 1: What is the relationship between the procurement function and organisational objectives and strategies?

Question 2: How are risk management plans developed and implemented?

Question 3: What are the major considerations when analysing and defining requirements? Relate your answer to your case study.

Question 4: When conducting market research, which areas should you focus on gaining knowledge in and why? Relate your answer to your case study                                                             

Question 5: What are the characteristics and types of evaluation methods – and their appropriate use? Provide examples from your case study.                                                                             

Question 6: What are special conditions of contract? Why would you include them and how and when would you develop them? Provide examples from your case study. 

Question 7: What is Contract Administration concerned with, and why is it an important activity during the contract management phase? Relate your answer to your case study.                    

Question 8: Why and how should you debrief unsuccessful bidders, and what are the main objectives to address? Relate your answer to your case study.                                            

Question 9: Why is it important to develop a negotiation plan? As an effective negotiator, what are the main elements you would include in the negotiation plan and why?                                    

Question 10: Why is personal professional development important, and what are the benefits for you and your organisation?

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SECTION C: Reflective Learning Statement

This section is a personal reflection of what you have learned through studying this course. It is an opportunity to consider how this knowledge will support your future development:

No marks are awarded for completing this section but it is compulsory and your submission will not be submitted for marking without you completing a Reflective Learning Statement.

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