Kathy is a young entrepreneur starting her own line of designer evening dresses in London: Law for creative industries Essay, UOG, UK

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Kathy is a young entrepreneur starting her own line of designer evening dresses in London: Law for creative industries Essay, UOG, UK

UniversityUniversity of Glasgow (UOG)
Subject Law for creative industries Essay

Task 1: Write a Report Explaining the basic nature of the legal system – LO1

Scenario: Kathy is a young entrepreneur starting her own line of designer evening dresses in London. She is unfamiliar with the English legal system and requires in depth information and knowledge on how the legal system works.  You have been asked to explain Q1 & Q2.
As a legal assistant in a law firm, explain to the solicitor including the following: 
Q1. Explain the different origins and sources of law and laws that organisations must comply with.
Q2. Explain the role of government in law making and how statutory and common law are applied in the justice courts.

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Task 2: Write a legal letter Illustrating the potential impact of the law on a business – LO1

Contract law - Kathy has launched a new range of fashion designer evening dresses and advertised these in her shop for a sale price of £4,000. Dee came into the shop took the dress to the till, however Dee offered £3,500 for the designer dress but Kathy refused, and Dee left the shop. Later Dee changed her mind went back to the shop where the ticket price was still £4,000 and took this to the till, however Kathy stated that due to import and other distribution costs the bespoke dress was now £4,500. 
Q3. Explain the individual elements required to form a legally binding contract and determine if there is a legally binding contract between Kathy and Dee.

Contract law- Kathy sold 2 dresses to Samantha at the new price of £4,500 each and when using one of the dresses during going out she realized after a week the lining had come apart from one section inside of the dress.

Q4. Advise Samantha on her legal rights regarding his purchase of her handbags and the potential impact on the business using the provisions of the Consumer Rights Act 2015.
Q5. Explain the legal effect of a Condition and Warranty being breached within a contract and the legal consequence of each supported by case law. 
Employment Law- A few months have now passed, and Kathy has set up her own company in Tower Hill London. Her business has really taken off and started employing people - one of whom is Jo who recently arrived in London. 

Two months ago, Kathy went to Nigeria for family visit. When she was out in Nigeria, she went to meet some leading wholesaler’s suppliers of materials and shipping agents.

To buy some new stock and then on for a meal. During his meeting, the local suppliers found out that she was from UK and offered her some over-priced rates for services and treated her very badly. Then she went to a local bar in the evening and again treated very badly by local staff. Subsequently, Kathy disgusted with the situation called Jo in the UK and told him not to serve anyone from Lagos area due to the way she was treated. 

Jo is very upset about this as he himself was born in that region and has many friends from the area, so he refuses and resigns. 

Q6. Critically analyse Jo’s legal options using case law to support your recommendations, if any.

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 Task 3: Termination of Contract – LO1
Sue a young entrepreneur has secured a contract with Kathy to design a new range of designer evening dresses. Sue negotiated a special contract with the company to be paid only on completion but at an agreed higher rate.  
Sue begins work but unfortunately falls ill and cannot continue with the contract. She has already designed the dresses, completed 99.5% of the work, and just needed to download and send the designs off, however this was not completed.

Q7. Suggest appropriate legal solutions for the problems as detailed below: Critically analyse the legal principle and Advise Kathy if she must pay Sue for the work she has carried out.  
Task 4: Explain the general principles, of the following LO2:
Kathy now wants to develop her brand image and trademarks for her range of bespoke products and has asked you provide information on the following subject areas:
Question 8
• IPR, Trademarks
• Health & Safety
• Welfare, Social and Environmental legislation 
• Copyright laws
Task 5: Explain the general principles, of how laws from different countries can apply to UK companies. – LO3
Company Law
Several, of Kathy’s employees have filed a class-action lawsuit against her, as part of the Working Conditions. The case relates to unpaid overtime and delayed wages. However, the employees had signed employment contracts with an arbitration agreement. 
Q9. Recommend legal solutions based upon a different country’s legal system and/or a different legal framework. LO3 Advise Jess employees on the validity of the arbitration agreement signed by them. State the difference between institutional and ad hoc arbitration.

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