Unit 3.32 Maximising Resources to Achieve Business Success, ATHE Level 3 Assignment Example, UK

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Unit 3.32 Maximising Resources to Achieve Business Success, ATHE Level 3 Assignment Example, UK

UniversityAwards for Training and Higher Education ( ATHE)
SubjectMaximising Resources to Achieve Business Success

In preparation for the next stage in your career you have applied for a temporary contract in the Resources Department of INTEL which is a business that manufactures audio visual equipment. The business is a large, multinational organisation with divisions in several countries and there is always competition for the employment opportunities advertised, as the business has a good reputation and the salaries are very attractive. You are keen to do well, learn from the experience and you believe that it will improve your prospects and your future career development.

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Task 1

Following your initial enquiry you have received a letter from the HR Department at INTEL which asks you to send a document that:

  • Describes the new technologies available to organisations and explains how they are used.

Task 2

Congratulations your application has been successful! You have now been asked to attend for an interview and the letter states that you need to prepare a presentation which will be part of the selection process. You must supplement your presentation with accompanying notes and you decide to include examples of actual businesses to show the panel that you understand the importance of resources to business success.

The presentation and notes must include explanations of the following:

  1. The resources needed by organisations in different business sectors of the economy.
  2.  How and why resources must be monitored
  3. What is meant by benchmarking and how this is used by organisations to monitor resources.
  4.  What is meant by performance indicators and how they are used by organisations to monitor human resources.

Task 3

You know that at the interview there will be questions on project management and you decide to make some detailed notes in preparation for this part of the selection process. In the notes you must:

  1. Identify and explain the key skills needed by a successful project manager
  2.  Describe the Three Stage-Project Cycle
  3. Explain why it is important to identify and rank a project’s critical factors
  4. Explain the tools used for managing projects
  5. Explain the purpose and importance of project evaluation and review.

Task 4

In the letter from the HR Department at INTEL there is a request for you to send a
document prior to the interview so that the panel can use this as a basis for some
questions on how organisations work towards best practice. The document must:

  1.  explain the terms ‘excellence’ and ‘quality’ and the impact of these concepts on organisations.
  2.  describe tools and techniques that are used by organisations to ensure the quality of their products and services.

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