What is the policy crisis and why is a decision needed: Economics Report, UOC, UK

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What is the policy crisis and why is a decision needed: Economics Report, UOC, UK

UniversityUniversity Of Cambridge (UOC)
Subject Economics Report

Task 1 

  • What is the policy crisis and why is a decision needed?
  • What 3 issues does your country note and what 3 respective courses of action does your country recommend and why? (250 words)

Task 2

  • The historical origin of the problem, particularly why the problem arose.
  • How does the issue relate to the international community and why is it of international concern?
  • Previous actions taken to try and solve the problem (if any).
  • Successes and failures of past actions, and why they succeeded or failed.  (300 words)

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Task 3

This is one of two sections that will clearly set your paper apart from the others.
This section should identify 3 key problems within the context of the given issue that continue to exist and are considered to be “top priority” by your country. For example, if the issue were climate change and your country were the Seychelles, the 3 key problems could be tourism, international investment, and coral reefs. You should also explain why these issues are significant for BOTH your country AND other members of the international community. 
Write about 333 words for EACH of the 3 issues.

Task 4

This section should provide a detailed discussion of your country’s position on EACH of the 3 issues identified above: 
What should be done about EACH of these 3 issues? Make solutions and problems fit together. Be specific: Which countries (or other actors) should take specific actions in what time period to achieve which goal? 

Why the solutions your country proposes to the 3 issues are feasible policy options? That is, why would other countries agree to this and support these policies? 

Structure this in 3 paragraphs which are each about 483 words long: 
Paragraph 1 about issue 1: proposed solution and why this is feasible. 
Paragraph 2 about issue 2: proposed solution and why this is feasible. 
Paragraph 3 about issue 3: proposed solution and why this is feasible. 
The quality of your argument in the country position section will be a great determinant in the overall evaluation of your paper.
The full report should be around 3000 words  

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