You have presented your plan to the top management, and they are satisfied with the plan: Managing a successful business Assignment, ICL, UK

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You have presented your plan to the top management, and they are satisfied with the plan: Managing a successful business Assignment, ICL, UK

UniversityImperial College London (ICL)
SubjectManaging a successful business

Transferable Skills

  • The ability to analyse and interpret facts
  • The ability to determine the cause of a problem and identify and select appropriate solutions
  • Tools and techniques for data Analysis, and Interpretation of data
  • Synthesise from different sources and experiences
  • The ability to support, manage and communicate change by identifying barriers and overcoming them
  • Communication with various Stakeholders

Vocational Scenario 3:


You have presented your plan to the top management, and they are satisfied with the plan. They have given you a green signal to start working on the project.

You are required to execute to ensure the project meets specified criteria and is in line with findings from primary and secondary research. You guide your team in communicating research outcomes to stakeholders, delivering conclusions based on evidence, and showcasing how this project tackles customer needs and challenges identified during the research phase.

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You must write a report which details the following work carried out:

The detailed report must be accompanied by a letter addressed to the CEO and all stakeholders, which communicates in summary the findings of the research carried out (7)

  •  (6) Develop a questionnaire with 10 questions based on your aim and objectives.
  •  (6) Collect primary data from a selected sample of 20 to 30 participates using well designed questions and the questionnaire which you have designed, and summarise the data using a table.
  •  (6) Use Secondary data from a range of sources (books, journals, articles, relevant websites, etc) to produce a literature review.
  •  Analyse data using tables, charts, graphs or any other statistical tools.
  • Draw conclusions and provide at least four (4) recommendations for future improvement of operations from analysis of data that are valid and meaningful.
  • Justify your conclusion and recommendations drawn from the data analysis and findings to meet the stated project objectives of this project.

Submission Guideline -Part 3

LO4 Reflect on value gained from implementing the project and the project management process. Word Limit: 1000-1500

Transferable Skills

  • Effective written communication.
  • The ability to leaning and reflective theories
  • Using research for evidence-based decision making.
  •  Digital literacy.
  • Reflective learning and writing using reflective practices and tools


You, working as an assistant project management, have been part of the technology project. This was your first project, and therefore, your line manager has asked for your learning from this project.

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