CMI Level 8 Assignments


CMI Unit 8005V1 – Strategic Communication Level 8 Assignment Sample UK

CMI Unit 8005V1 – Strategic Communication Level 8 Assignment Sample UK

The CMI Unit 8005V1 – Strategic Communication course is the perfect way to brush up on traditional methods of communication and learn techniques that are essential for a successful career. This course will provide students with valuable skills in written, oral, visual and digital communication that are important in any professional setting. The program also touches on public relations, branding, and associated processes, so students can gain an understanding of how these important areas can have an impact on their success. With the acquisition of these skills, anyone who takes the course will be well-prepared to reach the ivory tower of success.

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In this section, we’ll furnish a few assignment briefs. These include:

CMI 8005V1 Task 1: Be able to ascertain the media perception of the adopted inter-organizational strategy.

Understanding the media perception of an adopted inter-organizational strategy is a crucial part of gauging success in the sustainability of that strategy. Being able to assess how the media interacts with an organizational strategy can provide insight into how successful it may be, as well as its long-term viability. Analyzing media content is also important for understanding public opinion, and factoring that information into future decisions can help organizations stay ahead of potential issues, create resilient strategies and aims for success.

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AC 1.1 Identify relevant domestic, national and international media.

With so much information available in today’s world, it’s important to know the best ways to identify relevant media sources. There are a variety of options that can provide reliable, quality news for those looking to stay informed about current events on both domestic and international levels. National media sources like CNN, Fox News and MSNBC report on headlines that cover both national news and global topics. Additionally, newspapers such as The New York Times or Washington Post focus reporting specifically on politics or U.S. events, creating a balanced view of all sides of an issue.

To get an international perspective, popular sources such as BBC World News or Al Jazeera provide content from journalists based around the world with coverage of major events in other countries and foreign policy debates. Furthermore, regional newspapers such as The Atlantic can offer diverse stories and opinions not found in broader national forums. With these choices available, anyone can access quality news coverage both at home and abroad to stay up-to-date on major topics.

AC 1.2 Evaluate the importance of the media in influencing partners, opinion formers, stakeholders, customers, and the public at large.

The media plays a key role in influencing opinion formers, stakeholders, customers and the general public. Access to reliable and timely information is absolutely essential for decision-making at all levels, from partners to customers. Whether it be through newspapers, television, radio or social media, having correct facts readily available is critical for ensuring that all relevant parties have views that are rounded, balanced and reflective of the truth.

Moreover, the media has become increasingly pervasive in shaping expectations, norms and values; what we see depicted on a daily basis on screens both large and small has a huge influence on society today. As such, it behooves organizations to make sure they leverage the media to get their message across in a strategic and controlled manner that preserves their own corporate integrity while positioning them positively in the public eye.

AC 1.3 Evaluate the influence of pressure and political groups, and media owners, on the media’s perception of inter-organizational policy and strategy.

Pressure, political groups and media owners have a great influence on the media’s perception of inter-organizational policy and strategy. Powerful entities take advantage of their positions to shape the news in whichever way they please, intentionally or unintentionally biasing some aspects of a story while leaving out or downplaying certain facts. This is especially concerning when dealing with complicated topics such as inter-organizational relations and policy as it amplifies the risk of manipulation by powerful players with vested interests. Nevertheless, while their influence should not be underestimated, it can be managed through various solutions such as thoroughly fact-checking information and introducing tighter regulations regarding issues of conflict of interest and censorship.

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CMI 8005V1 Task 2: Be able to evaluate the impact of global and ever-present media on stakeholder opinion.

In the current media environment, the influence of global and ever-present media sources is undeniable. As organizations look to effectively engage stakeholders and build positive opinions, it is important to consider how mass media shapes opinion outside of efforts to control messaging. Enduring relationships with stakeholders need to be built that are aware of the complex interactions between messages shared via multiple outlets and the impact on key demographic groups. To evaluate accurately, organizations must stay abreast of stakeholder sentiment while regularly assessing if messaging aligns with organizational values in today’s evolving media landscape.

AC 2.1 Research and review the challenges and pressures faced by the media in reporting the activities which deliver inter-organizational policy and strategy.

The media landscape is constantly changing and, with it, the challenges and pressures faced by journalists when reporting on inter-organizational policy and strategy. Much of this coverage can be considered sensitive due to the nature of the information being disseminated, oftentimes concerning confidential dealings between organizations. There is a level of responsibility upon media outlets to ensure accuracy in such reporting and objectivity in delivering the news.

As such, it is essential for the media to conduct research to be able to understand any potential risks associated with a story before publication and thoroughly review content so as not to present any misinformation that could distort understanding of inter-organizational policy or strategy. For this reason, establishing effective procedures surrounding delivery and content creation should be at the forefront for all media organizations when handling stories about inter-organizational policy and strategy.

AC 2.2 Assess and evaluate the inter-reaction between news, public and stakeholder opinion and inter-organizational policy and strategy.

Analyzing the inter-relationship between news, public sentiment and stakeholder opinion on one side and inter-organizational policy and strategy, on the other hand, is a complex task. Considering how each factor has an impact on the other can be essential for successful organizational decision-making. As news reports make headlines, feedback from stakeholders and citizens can indicate to organizations if their policies are in line with the current perception of their target audience. However, it is important to consider such information with caution as it may not necessarily reflect reality in its entirety.

Likewise, corporate strategies should also account for potential short or long-term changes in media coverage due to individual events (i.e: Scandals) or shifts in collective public opinion towards specific issues or general themes. Proper evaluation of such factors is essential in order to gauge situational impacts on both external public perception as well as the internal decision-making processes.

AC 2.3 Evaluate the impact of global news media, and propose innovative methods of utilizing this to the benefit of the inter-organizational policy and strategy.

The global news media has become increasingly relevant in the modern world; it has had a major impact on inter-organizational strategies and policy. Through various formats, both traditional and digital, the world has access to current events faster than ever before, allowing for an abundance of information. This provides an opportunity for policymakers to be both responsive and proactive in formulating strategies and decision-making.

To take advantage of this, organizations should use their existing resources more efficiently by utilizing new technologies. This could include implementing social media campaigns or gathering critical data from search behavior across multiple platforms. As the relevance of news media grows, so too should organizations’ innovative usage of it in order to remain competitive in today’s digital age.

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