7HR02: Your knowledge and understanding of the material covered: Resourcing and Talent Management to Sustain Success Assignment, CIPD, UK

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7HR02: Your knowledge and understanding of the material covered: Resourcing and Talent Management to Sustain Success Assignment, CIPD, UK

UniversityChartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
Subject7HR02: Resourcing and talent management to sustain success


Your knowledge and understanding of the material covered in this core unit will be assessed by the submission of an assignment.

The assignment questions will be drawn from different learning outcomes, featuring at least one assessment criterion in each learning outcome.

You will write a report to answer the questions posed. This constitutes your assignment for this unit. The total word count for the assignment will therefore be 4000 words, plus or minus 10%. The bibliography or list of references is not included in the total word count. Although exceeding the word count is not grounds for referral, assessors must only mark up to the word count limit, including the +10%. Any words that fall outside of this limit will not be marked.

Included within the word count should be any text that is central to a learner’s answer and which responds to and addresses the questions/tasks, excluding data presented in tables and diagrams. Where a learner wishes to present information that is not central to their response, but which underpins and is relevant to it, linked appendices may be provided and will not be counted within the word count. When assessing learner work, the appendices will not be marked but considered as information that supports the learner’s submission.


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As this is a Level 7 Diploma, it is important that you are able to demonstrate not only good knowledge and understanding of the material associated with each learning outcome, but also the ability to develop an original argument and justify it persuasively with reference to wider reading, including statute and case law.

The six main criteria that CIPD requires centres to use when marking the assignments are outlined below.

(1) focus

(2) depth and breadth of understanding

(3) strategic application and professional advice

(4) research and wider reading

(5) persuasiveness and originality

(6) presentation and language

An overall grade for the unit is determined by adding up the marks within a grade achieved for each of the LOs – see the end of this document for the details on this.


Write a briefing paper about the future of strategy and practice in the field of resourcing and talent management within your sector and organisation or one you are familiar with.

Your paper should be 4000 words in length and should be addressed to the CEO or HR Director in your organisation, as applicable.

  • Your paper should focus on the following four areas:
  • Resourcing and talent management strategy
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Workforce planning and employee retention
  • Performance management

Your paper should provide a critical review on what is likely to stay the same and what is likely to change over the next ten years. You should present and justify your views on the short and medium term plans the organisation needs to put in place in order to keep pace with anticipated changes.

Your briefing paper should be well-referenced, using both academic papers/books and professional publications. All your key points of analysis and your recommendations should be persuasively justified.


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