CMI501 Understand factors which impact on an organization's internal environment: CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management & Leadership Assignment, USF, UK

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CMI501 Understand factors which impact on an organization's internal environment: CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management & Leadership Assignment, USF, UK

UniversityUniversity Of Sanford (USF)
SubjectCMI501 Management & Leadership Assignment


Provide a brief explanation of your management role within the University. Where in the University do you work? Who or what do you manage? How does that work support the success of the institution? This section is not included in the word count for this assignment but for clarity should not exceed 500 words.

Task 1 – Understand factors which impact on an organisation’s internal environment

The assessment criteria for this section are designed to assess your understanding of the connection between the organisation’s strategy, structure and the behaviours and decision-making required of managers. Guideline word count: 1200 - 1400 words

A.C. 1.2 – Analyse the purpose of an organisation’s mission and vision statements.
Q1. Identify three key elements of the University’s Strategy Map. For each of the identified sections, describe its purpose and how effectively that fulfils its purpose in your area of responsibility?

 You could consider, the aims, vision, values and KPIs. You could consider how the Strategy Map communicates organisational purpose and scope to stakeholders, guides organisational developments, informs goals and objectives, and influences organisational behaviours and culture. We recommend answering A.C. 1.1 and 1.3 in the same section as there are some commonalities.

A.C. 1.1 – Examine the impact of legal status on the governance of an organisation.The university is a heavily regulated institution with ‘Exempt Charity’ Status. This impacts on many elements of the work that we do, including how we work in partnership with students and the wider community.

A.C. 1.3 – Examine the impact of organisational structures on management roles. The structure of the University is split into 6 Academic Schools and a number of Central Support Services. Each of those elements is further divided into different functions and has different levels of staffing hierarchies.

Q2. By giving examples, describe how the governance and organisational structure impacts on your role, your responsibilities and on decision-making within your part of the University.

A.C. 1.4 – Discuss the impact of organisational values and ethics on management decision making.

Q3. By considering elements of section 3 and section 4 of the University’s Values, Behaviour and Engagement Framework, and providing examples, discuss two examples of how your decision-making and ways of working reflect the University culture. These should be clearly linked to the University’s values of Team, Excellent and Communities.

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