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Define the ones moods and concepts relating to the study of human behavior in the workplace: Managing People case Study, UOS, UK

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Define the ones moods and concepts relating to the study of human behavior in the workplace: Managing People case Study, UOS, UK

UniversityUniversity of Suffolk (UOS)
SubjectManaging People

This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning outcomes:

LO 1 Define the ones. moods and concepts relating to the study of human behavior in the workplace;

LO 2 Demonstrate an understanding of how these theories can explain the way that people behave and interact at work;

LO 3  Identify and explore the role of HRM in managing the employment relationship through policy and practice.

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Case study Report 

Strategic resourcing is a key part of strategic human resource management i.e. matching human resources to the strategic and operational requirements of the organization and ensuring the full utilization of those resources It Is concerned with not only obtaining and keeping the number and quality of staff required but also with selecting .. people who ‘fit’ the culture and strategic requirements of the organization (Armstrong. 2012 P 204)

According to Fels (2020), many new businesses that experience rapid growth can experience unexpected problems, two of the most common are operational inefficiency due to poorly trained staff, and employees being overworked and getting ready to leave

FarmBox is a company that grows and distributes fresh food products directly to customers via an online ordering platform. based in Cheshire. In the UK, The company started in 2019 and began as a family-run business that was staffed by 4 family members plus two farmhands. with the use of one delivery van.

To address this the owner placed an online advert for farmhands requiring CVs to be °mailed to the business Candidates that FarrnBox were interested in taking part in a 20-minute aline video interview te( aimed to determine thou skills and suitability and then successful candidates began work once they wet able to evidence that they wore free of the Cowl virus. Upon starting the role. each new member of Ma was given a tour of the farm and worked side by side with existing staff members for a day before being given individual responsibilities – this whole process took two weeks to complete

Shortly after recruitment, selection and onboarding were completed the operational productivity for the fine decreased. orders were late or incomplete and for the fast time since opening, customer complaints were received Staff are now working longer hours than contracted and many are looking to leave the company once they have seared alternative employment

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