MAR039-6 For one business from the live projects list create a digital marketing plan to help the company improve their online presence: Marketing and the Digital Future Report, UOB, UK

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MAR039-6 For one business from the live projects list create a digital marketing plan to help the company improve their online presence: Marketing and the Digital Future Report, UOB, UK

UniversityUniversity of Bedfordshire (UOB)
SubjectMAR039-6 Marketing and the Digital Future Report

What am I required to do in this assignment?

Assessment 1: Client brief-based digital marketing plan

For one business from the live projects list create a digital marketing plan to help the company improve their online presence. You need to set the digital marketing objectives related to the company’s website, its social media accounts, digital content, search engine optimization, online customer base, email marketing, affiliate marketing, digital advertising, etc.
You have specifically been asked to consider the following structure and key areas within the digital marketing plan:
 Executive Summary. (5%)
 Market Overview. (10%)
 Market Segmentation, Consumer Persona. (15%)
 Digital Marketing Objectives. (20%)
 Digital Marketing Strategy. (20%)
 Digital Marketing Plan. (30%)

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In terms of the content of the Digital Marketing Plan, you will be marked on the degree to which you:
 Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the purpose of the assessment.
 Display knowledge of the planning tools and theories involved and an ability to apply them effectively.
 Demonstrate the ability to select critical points, evaluate them and communicate the conclusions effectively.

In terms of overall presentation, you will be marked on the following:-
 Language (appropriate language, grammar, spelling, etc.)
 Presentation (layout, style, quality, etc.)

Further Guidance on the Digital Marketing Plan
1. Objectives – objectives need to be SMART but it is unnecessary to explain in detail how SMART they are.

2. The balance between market analysis and the actual planning/actions– ensure that your submissions are balanced with regards to analysis and planning. For example, do not use a lot of space summarizing the analysis, at the expense of setting objectives and planning objective-specific marketing strategies and tactics.

3. Avoiding vagueness – planning needs to be very specific; stating that you will use ‘social media’ for promotion because it is the ‘most efficient tool’ is not enough. You need to explain the social media tool (s) – what they are, why you are using them and how you would use them.

4. Academic content – you are expected to apply models, and not just describe or define them. For example, your SWOT or PEST analyses should not read like textbooks in which you explain what SWOT or PEST are – this is essentially incorrect. You needed to apply them and not describe them.

5. Executive summary – an executive summary should be written in a way that allows the executive who reads it to know what the
problem is and how it is to be solved. Essentially, it is a summary of your problem statement, objectives and how to achieve them
(i.e. how to solve the problem). The key findings and recommendations should also be presented in this section.

6. Data use – Analysis should be supported with primary data (company meetings and the information briefs), secondary data (from
the literature, including market reports). You should demonstrate wider reading and acknowledge the sources of your information, 2 both in the main body and in your bibliography. Avoid making very bold but not substantiated statements, such as ‘the best clothing business in the UK’ or ‘massive campaign’ or ‘massive customer segment’. Give numbers if you think the segment is large and compare it to other segments to give an idea of the size of it.
7. Presentation and structure – to achieve an excellent grade, your presentation needs to be immaculate – this includes numbering tables, referencing correctly etc. Do not present a lot of data and information in tables as appendices. Data or statistics that refer directly to your discussion in the main body, should be presented in the main body. Tables and figures – tables and figures need to be numbered and each should have a self-explanatory title. Your analytical content must be high, demonstrating critical thinking and the ability to apply relevant marketing concepts.

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