ME7711B: Describe and Critically Analyse Quality Management Systems Product Liability Prevention Programmes: Engineering Research Techniques Entrepreneurship and Quality Management Assignment KU, UK

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ME7711B: Describe and Critically Analyse Quality Management Systems Product Liability Prevention Programmes: Engineering Research Techniques Entrepreneurship and Quality Management Assignment KU, UK

UniversityKingston University(KU)
SubjectEngineering Research Techniques Entrepreneurship and Quality Management

Module Learning Outcomes

The following module learning outcomes and professional body learning outcomes are tested in this assessment:

  • Describe and critically analyse quality management systems, product liability prevention programmes and implementation of quality tools and techniques, in the manufacturing industry.

Assessment task and specific terms

The final report should bear the name of all group members, clearly specify their contribution and should be submitted by the group leader ONLY through the Turnitin dropbox on the CANVAS.

The dropbox will be available two weeks before the deadline to allow students to check their work. On the deadline date, the final submission is locked in and will be assessed.

The group leader is responsible to disseminate feedback to all group members following the return of the work via CANVAS.

Each of the team members should also submit a diary of their activities in the development of the submission, incorporated as an appendix to the final report. This will not be assessed as part of the marking scheme for this assignment, but support your evidence of engagement with this task. It may be taken into consideration in the event of a dispute over contributions.

This assignment focuses on Dr Genichi Taguchi’s method for Robust Design and more particularly on his Design of Experiment (DoE) methodology. Students are both expected to design an experiment and undertake its execution. The experimental procedure should be clearly described under the DoE methodology followed by the critical analysis of the data collected

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You will work in the groups already assigned for

Assessment 2. The group is required to carefully prepare, from the supplied helicopter drawings,  want 8 different paper helicopters numbering them 1 – 8. Each group is required to perform an experiment to study the paper helicopter flight time as a function of design. As a helicopter designer, you wish to achieve the longest flight time for a given drop height. There are several factors that can be varied in order to achieve an optimised design. In this experiment the following factors should be taken into account:

Wing length ( Long-Short)
Body length (Long-Short)
Body width (Narrow-Wide)
Weight clips (One - Two) – These should be fixed to the body of the helicopter.  Other factors may include paper material, taped body, taped wing, indoor or outdoor, holes in the wings, etc.  Many experiments go wrong due to the lack of discipline at the critical stage. In order to achieve a good experiment the group should take into account the following points of particular importance:

  1. Design the experiment and allocate factors and levels to the array.
  2. The experimental plan should be followed rigidly.
  3. The helicopter used must be prepared in exactly the same way for each flight.
  4. Use at least five repetitions and, most importantly, carry out the experiment in a consistent manner. For consistency, ensure that the same person always drops the helicopter, and the same student always does the timing.
  5. The randomisation of runs is important.
  6. Data collection sheets should be prepared in advance and all involved properly briefed and trained.
  7. Analyse the data and optimise the design.
  8. Assess the results and conclude your finding.

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For this assignment use the L8(27) Taguchi matrix design and write a structured report explaining your experimental methodology, the contribution of individual members, and the outcome of your investigation in the context of quality assessment.


The assignment will be awarded marks for a logical, well-structured layout that presents relevant information succinctly and clearly. Include a proper bibliography (i.e. sources you have used or looked at) and/or reference list (i.e. sources you are ACTUALLY referring to in the body of your work) at the end, including Internet URLs where necessary. If you use diagrams, either from the Internet or from a CD, then each diagram should have a caption indicating the source. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU OBSERVE THESE RULES, AND AVOID THE USE OF COPY-AND-PASTE FROM THE INTERNET, EITHER TEXT OR DIAGRAMS, WITHOUT CLEARLY INDICATING THE COPIED MATERIAL. WORK THAT IS IDENTIFIED AS COPY-AND-PASTE WILL BE HEAVILY PENALISED, AND MAY ULTIMATELY BE AWARDED A MARK OF ZERO. Do not worry if you think that your written English does not read as well as the electronic or hardcopy sources that you use - you will receive more credit for attempting to express yourself in your own words, rather than copying from these sources.

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