PSY7006: Hua is a (fictional) popular chain of florists located in China. Hua specializes in exotic and seasonal flowers: Psychological Assessment at Work, AU, UK

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PSY7006: Hua is a (fictional) popular chain of florists located in China. Hua specializes in exotic and seasonal flowers: Psychological Assessment at Work, AU, UK

UniversityArden University (AU)
SubjectPSY7006: Psychological Assessment at Work
Assignment Task
Part One: Consultancy Report
Part 1 is worth 60% of the overall grade for this module
Hua is a (fictional) popular chain of florists located in China. Hua specialises in exotic and seasonal flowers at an affordable price. Hua has two main business models. Firstly, there are physical stores located in several major towns and cities. Secondly, there is an online store where customers can choose premade bouquets and request for them to be delivered to a specific address.

Whilst a successful company, the CEO of Hua is concerned about the number of competitor florists who are eating into their market share. As such, the CEO is keen to hire a new Marketing Strategist to help make the brand more visible and attractive to customers. The Marketing Strategist will need to have excellent strategic decisionmaking skills and be comfortable presenting and pitching to stakeholders both within and outside of the company.
The successful applicant for the role will also need to have an excellent grasp of numeracy and be confident in analysing commercial data and predicting industry trends. As a senior position within the organisation the new Marketing Strategist will also need to have strong leadership skills that inspires and empower colleagues to promote the Hua brand.
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Given the importance of the role Hua Florists are keen to run an assessment centre to help manage the selection process in a time and cost–efficient manner. They have therefore approached you as a Business Psychology consultant to produce a consultancy report that outlines the design of a new assessment centre that could be used. The assessment centre can fall over ONE/TWO days and should be made up of at least TWO different exercises (e.g., a semistructured interview and roleplay activity). These exercises should be recommended based on a review of theory and research, as well as current market trends, costings and your understanding of the organisation’s need.

Before detailing your plan for the assessment centre, you must first advise the CEO on the following:
 How to identify the relevant competencies for the role to aid the recruitment and selection process.
 Which method/s should be used to attract the best candidates to apply for the role;
You should write your consultancy report using the guidelines provided below.
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