The aim is to extract important information and explain features: Molecular Basis of Life Coursework, UK

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The aim is to extract important information and explain features: Molecular Basis of Life Coursework, UK

UniversityUniversity of Law (UOL)
SubjectMolecular Basis of Life

Complete Both Parts of this template

  1. Fill out the Research Article Summary form

The aim is to extract important information and explain features of the article to yourself sufficiently well that if you were to come back to the summary in a year’s time it would make sense without having to look at the article again. Also, you should aim to include sufficient detail so that you could use information from the summary in creating future writing. It is crucially important to put quotation marks around and make italic any exact wording you write down so that you can avoid accidental plagiarism when you later cite the article.

Complete citation (in “Bioinformatics” format)
DOI weblink
General subject
Specific subject
Keywords (the authors and/or yours)
Context (how this article relates to other work in the field; how it ties in with key issues and previous or subsequent findings by others)
Methodology (main points needed to understand how results are obtained. Be sure to note novelty or possible deficiencies)
Key Results
Most important Figures and/or Tables (copy them here with some interpretative/critical comments)
Significance to the field (What do the authors claim? Do you think anything different?)
Outstanding questions/Next Steps (what questions are left unresolved by this article, what aspects could be improved, what new questions a raised by or become possible to answer because of this article, what would need to be done to take these possible next steps )
Citations of other sources that helped you understand and interpret the paper (in “Bioinformatics” format + DOI or http address for ‘web’ sources, plus a note on what they helped you understand if not obvious from title)
Cited References in the paper to follow up on in future with a reason why (e.g. perhaps those most frequently cited by others, because those works might be important for a researcher such as you to know about or those that are of particular interest to you for some reason)
  1. Write a 300-400 word summary of the whole article aimed at an average 14 year old high school student. Feel free to choose your own suitable literary style. No citations to literature should be included.

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