The SMT eventually recognise that they need to do more to protect the health and safety of their workers: reseach report, UK

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The SMT eventually recognise that they need to do more to protect the health and safety of their workers: reseach report, UK

UniversityOpen Academy London (OAL)
SubjectReseach report

The SMT eventually recognise that they need to do more to protect the health and safety of their workers. They invite you to a meeting to discuss what PrintUp could do to self-regulate health and safety.

Prepare a briefing note that you could discuss with the SMT on

(a) the benefits to PrintUp of self-regulation.

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 The following benefit of self regulate health and safety ,I could discuss in meeting with Senior management team:

  • Set and Maintain Own Standard: The benefit to the Print Up of self-regulation is that they can set and maintain its own standards without external interference. 
  • Own Internal affairs :In case any problems arise, The print Up can more easily keep its own internal affairs private.
  • Cost effective: Print Up can avoid the significant national expense of establishing an enforcement agency.
  • Legal Frame work: Self Regulation of health and safety within a legal framework was one of the recommendations of the Robens Committee in 1970.It will benefit to Print Up comes under legal framework.
  • No Interference of external Government Bodies: We can discussed benefit which include in report of the Robens committee that existing system too much relies on regulation by external government bodies with too little reliance on our own organisation standard.
  • Future Legislation: Also Future legislation should establish conditions for creating more effective self-regulation, rather than relying on more negative regulation by enforcement bodies.
  • No legal requirement of Audit: According to HSG45 and some specific health safety legislation require auditing. In self regulation there is no general legal requirement of audit.
  • No legal requirement for tool box talk: Similarly there is no specific legal requirement for tool box talk in self regulation.
  • Less Legislation and more generic: Explain the benefit from self regulation of less legislation which is more generic and less detailed.
  • Less requirement for updating and amendment: I explain the benefit of less requirement for updating and amendment and save man-hours of Print Up.
  • Self regulation can supplemented by regulation which are quick and easy to make.
  • The necessary detailed guidance can be contained in code of practice or guidance note.
  • No requirement of Approved Auditor: Approved Auditors monitors system impartially.
  • Inetrnational trend: In Europe, move away from prescriptive legislation to employer self regulation via risk assessment. also other country like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Norway have devlop similar self regulation mechanisms.
  • It is widely for both industry and some peer industry to implement.
  • It is easy to keep up to date with advancement in industry.
  • It is Practibleable to rule for veery circumstance.
  • Focus on underlygin problem and systematic Approach:
  • Enforcement have limitation but in self regulation no limitation.

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