Unit 1 Business Environment Assignment Sample UK

Unit 1 Business Environment Assignment Sample UK

The Unit 1 Business Environment course in the UK provides a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic factors influencing modern businesses. Covering economic, social, legal, and technological dimensions, students delve into the intricacies of organizational environments. The curriculum emphasizes the impact of global trends, regulatory frameworks, and competitive landscapes on business operations.

Through case studies and practical applications, learners develop critical analytical skills to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape. This course equips students with insights into market forces, enabling them to make informed decisions and contribute effectively to strategic business planning.

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Assignment Task 1:- Explain the purposes of your selected organization and why you think its purpose (reason of existence) is different from either the fire service or the Red Cross in UK.

Assignment Task 1 requires you to explain the purposes of a selected organization and discuss why you believe its purpose, or reason for existence, differs from either the fire service or the Red Cross in the UK. To complete this task, you should follow these steps:

  1. Select an Organization: Choose a specific organization for analysis. It could be any organization of your choice, but make sure it is distinct from both the fire service and the Red Cross in the UK.

  2. Explain the Purposes: Provide a clear and detailed explanation of the purposes of the selected organization. This involves describing its primary goals, objectives, and the overall reason it exists. Consider the organization's mission statement, values, and any official documents that outline its purpose.

  3. Compare with Fire Service and Red Cross: Briefly explain the purposes of both the fire service and the Red Cross in the UK. Highlight key differences in their missions and objectives compared to the selected organization.

  4. Analyze Differences: Offer your analysis on why you believe the selected organization's purpose is distinct from the fire service and the Red Cross. Consider factors such as the nature of services provided, target beneficiaries, areas of focus, and any unique characteristics that set the organization apart.

Make sure to use clear and concise language, provide relevant examples, and support your analysis with any available data or information about the selected organization, the fire service, and the Red Cross in the UK. This assignment aims to assess your understanding of organizational purposes and your ability to critically compare and analyze them.

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Assignment Task 2:- State the interest/ objectives of your selected organization’s stakeholders and describe the strategies it is using to meet them. State the types of stakeholders, e.g. employees, their objectives and follow that with the strategies used to achieve this.

Assignment Task 2 requires you to identify the stakeholders of your selected organization, describe their objectives, and then outline the strategies the organization is using to meet these objectives. Below is an example of how you can structure the information in a table format:



Strategies to Meet Objectives



Job satisfaction, fair compensation, career growth

Competitive salaries, professional development programs, employee recognition

Budget constraints, economic downturn


Return on investment, company growth

Dividend payments, strategic investments, transparent financial reporting

Market volatility, industry competition


Quality products/services, customer satisfaction

Continuous product improvement, excellent customer service, feedback mechanisms

Changing consumer preferences, supply chain disruptions

Government/Country of Operation

Compliance with regulations, economic contribution

Adherence to laws, corporate social responsibility initiatives

Evolving regulatory landscape, geopolitical uncertainties


Timely payments, long-term partnerships

Fair procurement practices, collaboration for mutual benefit

Supply chain disruptions, economic instability


Assignment Task 3:- Explain the responsibilities of your selected organization (health and safety, equal opportunities, environment and taxation) to its key stakeholders and describe how they meet these responsibilities. Give instances where these responsibilities and obligation have been met by your selected organization.

Assignment Task 3 requires you to explain the responsibilities of your selected organization towards key stakeholders, clarify why these responsibilities exist, and describe the strategies the organization employs to meet these obligations. Below is an example table that you can use to structure this information:


Why it is a Responsibility

Strategies to Meet Responsibility

Instances of Meeting Responsibility

Health and Safety

Protecting employees and ensuring a safe working environment promotes well-being, reduces accidents, and fosters a positive workplace culture.

Regular safety training, adherence to safety standards, provision of safety equipment

No reported workplace accidents in the past year, regular safety audits conducted

Equal Opportunities

Promoting fairness and diversity creates an inclusive workplace, enhances employee morale, and aligns with societal values.

Implementing non-discriminatory hiring practices, diversity and inclusion programs, providing equal growth opportunities

Achieving a diverse workforce, recognition for diversity and inclusion efforts


Minimizing environmental impact aligns with sustainability goals, reduces operational risks, and demonstrates corporate social responsibility.

Energy-efficient practices, waste reduction initiatives, use of sustainable materials

Achieving carbon-neutral status, certification for environmentally friendly practices


Fulfilling tax obligations ensures legal compliance, contributes to public services, and maintains the organization's reputation.

Transparent financial reporting, compliance with tax laws, responsible tax planning

No tax-related legal issues, positive feedback from tax authorities

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