3CO01: Your manager has asked you to Prepare a Presentation in Readiness for Delivery to the HR Team at the Next Team Day: Business, culture and change in Coursework, CIPD, UK

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3CO01: Your manager has asked you to Prepare a Presentation in Readiness for Delivery to the HR Team at the Next Team Day: Business, culture and change in Coursework, CIPD, UK

UniversityChartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

Case study

You work in the HR Team of a medium-sized organization and are studying for your people practice qualification. In a recent discussion with your manager, you expressed how important you thought it was for employees to understand the organization’s business environment. You feel this is especially important for people practice professionals as their roles impact the policies, processes, and values of the organization, which in turn impact all the people within the organization.

Inspired by this discussion, your manager has asked you to help prepare for the team’s next development day. A team-based learning needs analysis has shown that as well as more knowledge about the business environment, the team would benefit from a deeper understanding of organizational culture and how humans behave in organizations. The team would also like to build their knowledge and skills in relation to change management.

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Task One – Slide Deck for Team Day

Your manager has asked you to prepare a presentation (slide deck and brief presenter notes) in readiness for delivery to the HR Team at the next Team day. The aim of the presentation, entitled ‘The Business Environment’ is for team members to gain a general understanding of their organization’s business environment and the key issues that can affect this.

Your presentation (which you are not required to deliver) can be based on your own organization or one(s) that you are familiar with, and should include the following:

  • Application of an analysis tool (such as PESTLE) to examine the key external forces impacting or likely to impact an organization’s activities. (AC 1.1)
  • An explanation of an organization’s business goals and why it is important for organizations to plan for how they will achieve these. Your explanation should include examples of planning, such as how a business has been structured or specific policies introduced or people practices followed, in order for business goals to be achieved. (AC 1.2)
  • An explanation of an organization’s products and/or services and main customers. (AC 1.3)
  • A short review of different technologies available to people professionals and how these can be used to improve working practices and collaboration. You might consider for example, technologies relating to communications, information sharing, record keeping, learning, wellbeing, productivity or security. (AC 1.4)

Task Two – Guidance Leaflet

In line with the team’s learning need analysis and knowing that they will be required to support a number of change initiatives soon, your manager has also asked you to prepare a guidance leaflet for the team. The guidance leaflet should cover two main themes and include examples to ‘bring the information to life. The two themes are:

1) information about organizational culture and how people behave in organizations

2) guidance about the impact of change and how organizational change can most effectively be managed.

Your guidance leaflet should explain:

  •  What is meant by workplace (organization) culture (AC 2.1)
  • Why it is important to foster an appropriate and effective workplace culture. (AC 2.1)
  • How organizations are whole systems in which different areas and aspects such as structure, systems and culture, are all inter-related. (AC 2.2)
  • An example of how good people practice, and an example of how bad people practice can impact other parts of the organization or beyond the organization (for example through developing new and better ways of doing things or through poor practice stimulating new legislation). (AC 2.2)
  • How individuals may learn and develop in different ways in organizations and how this might be accommodated in assessing and developing skills and capabilities. (AC 2.3)
  • Why it is important for an organization’s business that change is predicted, planned, and effectively managed. (AC 3.1)
  • The nature and importance of different roles that can be played by people practice professionals, in relation to change agendas. You might consider roles such as gatekeeper, champion, facilitator, critical friend or record-keeper.
  •  How change can impact people in organizations, such as changing their role or status or financial situation, and the different ways people may respond to change. (AC 3.3)

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