5OS07: You are the HR Advisor at the Orchard Group, a private care home provider There are 8 private care homes across Hampshire and Oxford: Well-being at work Assignment, UK

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5OS07: You are the HR Advisor at the Orchard Group, a private care home provider There are 8 private care homes across Hampshire and Oxford: Well-being at work Assignment, UK

UniversityChartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
SubjectWell-being at work

Case study

You are the HR Advisor at the Orchard Group, a private care home provider. There are 8 private care homes across Hampshire and Oxford and in total they have around 150 full and part time employees, alongside 20 zero hours workers. The Group pay the national living wage and offer the following benefits: an employee assistance programme with phone and website access; enhanced bank holiday pay; a recognition programme (gift vouchers); long
service awards (gift vouchers) and high street discounts.

Recently there has been an increase in absences across the Group, particularly for front line employees. This is causing resourcing issues and impacting on the service users, your residents. You have also noticed that there is a steady increase in performance issues, and this has been echoed by your colleague. You are concerned that these issues might result in increased turnover, which already stands at 33%.

You have raised your concerns with the People Director, and they have tasked you with creating a business case for investing in a wellbeing programme. You will also generate the design and implementation plan for a tailored wellbeing programme to meet the needs of the Group.


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Task One – Briefing paper for the senior leadership team

You have been tasked with producing a briefing paper for the senior leadership team, setting out the relevance of wellbeing to the workplace. The aim is to persuade and influence the organisation to invest time and resources into implementing a wellbeing programme. Use the indicative content to support your response.

a) Critically evaluate at least 2 issues and 2 key theories in wellbeing at work and explain their relevance within your workplace of choice. (AC 1.1)

To answer this section, you need to evaluate:

The pros and cons of two well being theories and how these might be used in the workplace.

Evaluate the two issues facing the workplace and why these are important.

Tip: use the Orchard group case study to identify the two issues and its importance.

b) Define wellbeing and using specific organisational examples, explain and justify how wellbeing can be managed to support organisational goals. (AC 1.2)

Give two specific examples from the organisation, explain how wellbeing can support the achievement of organisational goals.

Tip: use the Orchard group case study to show how two organisational goals can be achieved through two specific well being examples.

c) Assess the value of adopting wellbeing practices in organisations, supported by research sources. (AC 1.3)

Assess the various benefits of adopting wellbeing practices in an organisation. These need to be backed by relevant research and academic sources.

Assess means to comment on whether the academic theory is strong or not.

Tip: you can include the example from your organisation to demonstrate the value of wellbeing practices.

Task Two – Review of organisational practice

Following your briefing paper, the senior leadership team have agreed that the People team can proceed with the project. You have been asked by the People Director to develop the wellbeing program for the organisation, including the activities required to implement it successfully.

In doing so, you’re required to present a report which reviews the range of practices currently in place, considering what will be most beneficial for the organisation, with rationale for your thinking.

Section 1 – Organisational context shaping wellbeing

This section provides an overview of how different organisational contexts shape wellbeing approaches.

Analyse the internal and external factors impacting on the organisation and identify the top 2-3 areas that the organisation should focus on. Support your analysis with relevant research and/or organisational examples. (AC 2.3)

Analyse TWO internal and TWO external factors that impact on the wellbeing in an organisation.

For your organisation, identify THREE areas of wellbeing that need to be focussed on.

Tip: choose strong and relevant examples from your organisation so that you can use them to answer the other ACs.

Using at least 3 examples, explain how wellbeing can be integrated with other areas of people practice. (AC 2.2)

For the THREE wellbeing areas identified in AC 2.3, you need to discuss how they are integrated with other areas of people practice.


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Section 2 – Value of wellbeing initiatives

This section explores a range of wellbeing initiatives and assesses the value they can add to meet organisational needs.

Consider existing organisational practices and determine the value they add in meeting organisational needs. (AC 3.1)

For the THREE wellbeing areas identified in AC 2.3, describe the value it adds in meeting the organisational needs.

Recommend a minimum of 3 suitable wellbeing initiatives and present an implementation plan which will meet your organisational needs. Justify your thinking, including research and/or organisational examples. (AC 3.2)

For the ALL the THREE wellbeing areas identified in AC 2.3, you need to create an implementation plan.

The plan should include:
– what activity in will include,
– the resources (cost, material, effort, etc) required,
– the justification for choosing the activities
– timescale for delivery
Section 3 – Implementation and evaluation of wellbeing initiatives

Explain the steps needed to ensure successful implementation of the wellbeing programme.

You need to explain the steps that will ensure that it is successfully implemented.

Outline the steps which can be taken to support effective stakeholder contribution and how this can impact on improved wellbeing at work. (AC 2.1)

Explain the ways in which a wellbeing programme can be evaluated and monitored. Assess and identify specific measures to review the quality of each recommended initiative, justifying your thinking.

You need to explain different ways (atleast two) that you can use to evaluate and monitor the wellbeing programme.

For each evaluation method, you need to explain why you chose that method stating some of its benefits.


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