Analyse critically the strategic planning and implementation process in a global context: Global Business Strategy Assignment, UOL, UK

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Analyse critically the strategic planning and implementation process in a global context: Global Business Strategy Assignment, UOL, UK

UniversityUniversity of Law (UOL)
SubjectGlobal Business Strategy Assignment

Learning outcomes:

1. Analyse critically the strategic planning and implementation process in a global context.
2. Synthesise and evaluate critically organizational leadership, particularly the principles that support values and strategies in a global context.
3. Apply and appraise critically different approaches to innovation and change management.
4. Evaluate, synthesize and draw conclusions from emerging models of strategies, their impact on relations with management, strategic direction and implementation in a global environment.
5. Identify a range of strategic leadership styles and critically evaluate their impact on strategy; ethics and values; and assess the benefits and limitations of each style.

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The assignment focuses on production of an e-portfolio of work on global business strategy (GBS) and requires research, collection, compilation, critical analysis and creation of and reflection on data, information, publications, etc compiled over the course of the semester. The information must be based on a particular crisis or incident, series of crises/incidents, be driven by a common theme, evidence-based and presented as a complete picture once done.

1. By the end of the first phase of the module (Week 3), you will research, identify and collect a series of data and information, that must relate to a particular crisis or series of challenges in the external environments over the past few years.

2. Your data and information must come from various sources – e.g., Internet, Radio, TV, YouTube, etc and various media, for example, printed media, journal articles, social media, books, newspapers, etc.

3. By the second phase of the module (Week 6), you will compile information in a coherent and logical way that tells a complete ‘story’ that responds to the crisis in question; e.g., the e-Portfolio may focus on how a global FMCG firm was forced to reconsider its main product portfolio in light of the unrest in Eastern Europe that damaged it’s international supply chain or how a multinational company decided to fund the development of health and wellness programmes in response to rising global healthcare costs.

4. Drawing on critical analysis and evaluation of your collated information, the final task will be to reflect on the process of collating information and creating an e-portfolio on global business strategy (by the end of the final phase, i.e., by Week 9). You will submit your completed- e-portfolio with analyses and findings that go beyond the description, the total of which should not exceed 2,500 words (+/- 10%).

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