ATHE Level 7: Your research must be related to a topic associated with strategic business development: Unit 3 Research for Strategic Development, Assignment, UOB, UK

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ATHE Level 7: Your research must be related to a topic associated with strategic business development: Unit 3 Research for Strategic Development, Assignment, UOB, UK

UniversityUniversity of Birmingham (UoB)
SubjectATHE Level 7: Extended Diploma in Strategic Management

Assignment Scenario

Your research must be related to a topic associated with strategic business development. To achieve the learning outcomes at the standards provided, you must prepare a portfolio which includes all the work completed for the following tasks. When citing sources of information that you have used for your research, provide a reference using an appropriate format, e.g., Harvard.

Task 1

In section one of your portfolio, you should:

  • Identify a valid area for research to support the strategic development of a business area
  • Explain the aim, scope and objectives for a chosen area of research
  • Prepare a research proposal and project plan including success criteria, key milestones and critical pathways

AC1.1 The learner may consider different areas of research but will identify one which is linked to the strategic business development.
AC1.2 The learner will need to explain clearly and in detail the aim, scope and objectives of the research which is to be undertaken.
AC1.3 The learner will produce a research proposal with the development of suitable research question(s) or hypotheses for the selected area of research. The learner must produce specific success criteria which are related to the achievement of the research proposal. The success criteria should be referred to in the reflective log which is required for Task 4

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Task 2

In section two of the portfolio, you need to:

  • Complete a review of different literature sources identifying those which are most appropriate for your chosen area of research
  • Use different research methodologies to gather data from primary and secondary sources (the data must be sufficient to ensure you can make valid conclusions)

AC2.1 The learner should prepare a detailed literature review and accurate bibliography in an appropriate referencing format. The review will identify literature sources which are pertinent as well as those which are not. A wide range of appropriate and relevant information sources must have been considered, including academic journals, reports, texts and valid online material

AC2.2 The learner will then apply research methodologies using primary and secondary sources. This must provide sufficient information so that valid conclusions can be drawn

Task 3

In section three of the portfolio, you must present all your research findings in an appropriate format for the target audience. You must:

  • Provide a comprehensive explanation of the purpose, methodologies and findings
  • Use the information collected to explain your conclusions and recommendations

AC3.1 The learner must explain the research purpose, methodologies, and findings. The learner should choose the most appropriate format in which to present their research findings. In most cases, this is likely to be a final written report demonstrating that the learner has:

  • applied relevant research methods for the area and type of research undertaken
  • provided a comprehensive explanation of the purpose, methodologies and findings
  • referenced all sources using a recognised system

AC3.2 The report should explain conclusions and recommendations using the information collected. It should draw on an analysis of the research findings in justifying results and conclusions and should consider research methods and techniques, as well as the validity of the findings.

Task 4

On completion of your research project, you must prepare a reflective log which contains an evaluation of the skills you used while undertaking the research. The reflective log should be included in section four of your portfolio and must include:

  • A review of your own skills using personal reflection and feedback
  • Recommendations on ways to improve your personal skills while undertaking research

AC4.1 The learner will be required to prepare a reflective log that reviews their own learning in carrying out research investigations. This will be a written review based on the learner’s own experiences.

AC 4.2 The learner will draw on the review for AC 4.1 in order to identify and recommend ways to improve their own skills while undertaking research 

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