Evaluate policy and practice aimed at improving employee well-being in an organization: CIPD Level 7 Strategic People Management Assignment, UK

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Evaluate policy and practice aimed at improving employee well-being in an organization: CIPD Level 7 Strategic People Management Assignment, UK

UniversityChartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
SubjectCIPD Level 7 Strategic People Management Assignment

Question 14
4.2 Evaluate policy and practice aimed at improving employee well-being in an organization.

What TWO distinct recommendations to enhance well-being would you make to the Senior Leadership Team in your organization or one that is familiar to you? Justify your recommendations concerning research evidence and explain how you can evaluate the impact of your recommendations

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Pointers for students:
Draw on the academic research literature in defining ‘wellbeing’. How has it been defined and measured?

What is the quality of the research evidence that aims to identify the main precursors of wellbeing and the outcomes from improved wellbeing? Ensure you demonstrate your critical appraisal of the evidence you cite.

What theories do researchers propose to explain this link between precursors, well-being, and the outcomes of improved well-being? For example, Self-Determination Theory: Social Exchange Theory: Conservation of Resources Theory: and Psychological Capital Theory.

What precursors of well-being has the research identified? For example:
 Implement flexible work arrangements,
 Foster a positive work environment,
 Provide opportunities for growth and development,
 Encourage work-life balance,
 Promote social support and positive relationships,
 Introduce employee well-being programs,
 Regularly assess and address workloads and job demands,
 Establish effective communication channels.

Drawing on the research and evidence from your wider reading (including current data, e.g., ONS versus others including CIPD (see: * below), critically examine your organization’s approach to employee wellbeing – how effective is it in line with what you have read on wellbeing. Take into account your organizational context, in evaluating the business case for recommending changes to current practice specific to promoting well-being – against the knowledge and published research and evidence therein.

How might you measure the impact of your recommendations and what barriers might you face?
Suggest referring to the Government public consultation ‘Health is everyone’s business’ July 2019 https://www.cipd.org/uk/views-and-insights/thought leadership/cipd-voice/mapping-future0- peoples-health-work-government- response/ As well ashttps://www.cipd.co.uk/news-views/cipdvoice/Issue 30/mapping-future0-peoples-health-work-government-responds research by CIPD’s on the Good Work Index, which has recently been updated by further research in Jun 2023 (from 2019) to draw key comparisons that may have a bearing on your findings and approach.

The research can be found by accessing the following URL: https://www.cipd.org/uk/about/news/good-work index-people-less-engaged-fulfilled-more-stressedworking-life/ Evaluation methods for the recommendations might include employee surveys, engagement metrics, productivity measurements, absenteeism rates, turnover rates, and health-related data, etc.

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