MARK1260: Defined as an approach based on self-directed enquiry or investigation in which the student is actively engaged in the process of enquiry facilitated by a teacher, Marketing Research, Assignment, UOG, UK

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MARK1260: Defined as an approach based on self-directed enquiry or investigation in which the student is actively engaged in the process of enquiry facilitated by a teacher, Marketing Research, Assignment, UOG, UK

UniversityUniversity of Greenwich (UOG)
SubjectMARK1260: Marketing Research

Enquiry-based Learning and Research-Led Teaching

Enquiry-Based Learning (EBL)

Defined as ‘an approach based on self-directed enquiry or investigation in which the student is actively engaged in the process of enquiry facilitated by a teacher. EBL uses real-life scenarios (for example, from case studies, company visits, and project work) and students investigate topics of relevance that foster the skills of experimental design, data collection, critical analysis and problem-solving.

Research-Led Teaching (RLT)

An element of Enquiry Based Learning links to RLT, which involves faculty introducing students to their own research where it is relevant to the curriculum being taught as well as drawing on their own knowledge of research developments in the field, introducing them to the work of other researchers. RLT sees students as active participants in the research process, not just as an audience. This is achieved by discussing such developments in lectures and classes, and setting reading lists including recent research publications at the frontier of the field. The definition of a diverse assessment regime at the programme level (incorporating an expectation of familiarity with, and use of, such publications in assignments) and the inclusion of projects at every level of the programme is also fundamental to achieving these objectives.


  • Application of relevant knowledge. This module will introduce many consumerbehaviour theories and concepts to provide you with a professional vocabulary to discuss customer behaviour. The individual report assessmentrequires students to apply the chosen theories to explain consumer behaviour in the real world.
  • Research skills and problem solving. Students will develop the skills of integrating and evaluating relevant information to produce a critical and informed appreciation of their chosen consumer The assessment requires student to produce a consumer research report. Therefore, students will need to exhibit their independent research and problem-solving skills.
  • Critical Analysis. The module will introduce the skill of exploring different ideas (e.g. how a specific type of consumer behaviour can be explained by various theories), understanding the implications of choices that are made and making conclusions regarding the quality of evidence presented
  • Self-awareness. This module encourages students to be aware of their own activities as a consumer, and to assess how well their own behaviour supports/refutes existing theory
  1.  Generic Competencies
  • Team Working. Much of the seminar work for the module requires teamwork, and as such, students will be required to develop skills of cooperation, coordination, compromising and relationship-building to make these groups work successfully
  • Interpersonal Skill As a marketing module, this module encourages students to work together in a range of in-class activities and through formative group exercises to help develop interpersonal skills.

Technical ability  

  • Acquire basic knowledge of data analysis software such as SPSS. The module requires the students to analyse data using SPSS to produce an individual report. Additional reading from relevant online databases is also required from the students.

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Deliveroo: The potential acquisition of SUPPER London

You are a marketing research analyst that has recently been hired to analyse some data that was collected by your client, Deliveroo, aiming to help the CEO make a crucial business decision, whether to operate a potential acquisition (SUPPER London) as its own independent brand or bring it into a new service for Deliveroo, Deliveroo Premium.

On the back of the growth of revenue during the Covid pandemic, which saw a 128% increase in spending per customer (Edison, 2021), Deliveroo seeks to expand its current offering to keep competing for market share in the UK. The acquisition of SUPPER London, an online food delivery platform, founded in 2015 and focusing on high-end London restaurants is to go ahead this year. You have been brought on to analyse customer data collected by Deliveroo on themselves and SUPPER London. Your task is to ‘make sense of the data and help the CEO make a decision on how best to take the new acquisition forward from a branding perspective.

Customer Satisfaction, Deliveroo and SUPPER London

Some quantitative customer research has been carried out within Deliveroo (n=50), as well as SUPER London, measuring brand awareness, brand associations and satisfaction. An important inquiry posed by the CEO is to find out what brand association is most linked to customer satisfaction. Qualitative data in the form of Trustpilot reviews has also been collated and needs further analysis. The CEO would need to know if he should operate SUPPER London as its own independent brand or be rebranded as a Deliveroo Premium service.

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