Produce a professional engineering presentation for your colleagues: Engineering design Assignment, UOB, UK

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Produce a professional engineering presentation for your colleagues: Engineering design Assignment, UOB, UK

UniversityUniversity of Bristol (UOB)
SubjectEngineering design Assignment

Task 3
Your manager requires you to present your design report to your colleagues, they are likely to have many questions and suggestions for your design, so it is important to be prepared for a Q&A session at the end of your presentation.

a) Produce a professional engineering presentation for your colleagues (typically 10 slides).

b) Formally present your work to your colleagues, you are also required to produce a video or videos of yourself presenting, the duration of the presentation should be about 10 minutes plus additional time for Q&A.

Note: It is important that you can be identified on the video, so please ensure that you can be seen and heard. MP4 format is preferable, and please ensure that your file size(s) are not overly large (less than 300 MB is preferred). If you do need to submit more than one video file, please ensure that the files are labelled appropriately with order number clearly identified. Also, would you please introduce yourself with full name and the course studied?

c) Now that the project has concluded your manager wants a short debrief report of the project. Your debrief report should contain the following:
i. Is there anything that you would have changed if you had not been restricted by the specification or standards? Why do you think design specifications and industry standards are important when producing a finished product?
ii. Read and evaluate your own report, how effective do you think your design report is for producing a finished product?
iii. Explore different methods you could have used to communicate your ideas to the audience. Do Do you think your presentation was the most effective way to communicate, or would there be a a better way to communicate your design to others?
iv. In future projects would you do anything differently? Based on the feedback given by your colleagues, and your own personal reflection, what recommendations would you make if the project was to carry on further?

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