5CO03: You currently work in the People Practice Team and are studying for your CIPD qualification. Your Line Manager: Professional behaviours and valuing people Assignment, UOL, UK

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5CO03: You currently work in the People Practice Team and are studying for your CIPD qualification. Your Line Manager: Professional behaviours and valuing people Assignment, UOL, UK

UniversityUniversity of Leeds (UOL)
Subject5CO03 Professional behaviours and valuing people

Case study

You currently work in the People Practice Team and are studying for your CIPD qualification. Your Line Manager is running a break-out session about ethical practice in business, at one of the CIPD conferences, and you have been asked to help.

The focus of the session is the importance of personal and ethical values for people practice professionals and how these can be applied at work, including contributing to (if not driving) discussions, to influence others towards ethical behavior. The session will also explore the human and business benefits of inclusive behavior such as positive working relationships and improved performance, and make the business case for people being included, valued, and fairly treated at work.

Task One – Conference presentation on ethical practice in business

In readiness for the session, prepare a presentation (slides and presenter notes) about ethical practices in business.  The presentation should explore the importance of ethical values to people practice professionals, how they can be applied, and how ethical practices can impact positively organizations.

Your presentation should cover all the points below and provide a convincing argument for ethical behavior in business.  Your audience will be a mixture of academics and practitioners, who will expect your presentation to include a range of relevant academic theories as well as practical examples to support your comments.

  1. Define the term professional and explain what it means to be a ‘people practice professional’.
  2. Discuss the concept of ‘ethical values, and how at least three ethical values that you hold personally impact (or could impact) your work as a people practice professionally.
  3. Drawing on work or personal examples, analyze how you would/have:
  4. made an engaging and well-informed contribution to discussions to support the application of good people practice
  5. taken responsibility for your work/actions, including recognizing and rectifying mistakes
  6. know when and how to raise concerns when issues such as organizational policies or leadership approach conflict with ethical values or legislation.
  7. Provide a robust argument for ethical people practice that is supported by academic theory and details both the business and human benefits of people at work feeling included, valued, and fairly treated.
  8. Using your own example of providing a people practice solution to meet a particular need, or a hypothetical example such as introducing a new policy or reward initiative, comment on how you would/have:
  9. ensured the ‘design’ of the solution was informed by engagement with others, particularly those most affected by the solution.

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Task Two – CPD portfolio

This task combines a number of activities to produce a continued professional development (CPD) portfolio. The activities require you to demonstrate your understanding of, commitment, and approach to CPD.

Activity 1 – The Context of Professional Development

As an introduction to your portfolio, explain the following:

  1. The concepts of CPD and Reflective Practice
  2. How the role of a people professional is changing and the implications this has for CPD. (3.1)

Activity 2 – Self Assessment

The first stage of CPD is to understand where we are and where we want to be.

  1. Undertake a self-assessment against the following three CIPD Profession Map core behaviors, at the associate level: Ethical Practice, Valuing People, and Working Inclusively.
  2. Your self-assessment should include conclusions derived from other people’s feedback as well as your own reflections, on your behavior and performance.
  3. An example self-assessment template, for Ethical Practice, is provided in Appendix 1 of this assignment brief and can be extended to accommodate the other core behaviors.
  4. From your self-assessment, identify your weaker areas and your development objectives for addressing these. Determine the most appropriate professional development activities to meet your objectives, and add these to your Professional Development Plan (PDP).

Activity 3 – Reflective Practice

  1. A key element of CPD is reflecting on the impact of our learning and development so that we can make further decisions about how to progress.
  2. To complete this assignment, provide a reflective record of how key aspects of your (formal or informal) learning and development, over the last 12 months, have impacted your performance at work and/or general behavior

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