The BSc (Hons) Integrative Health and Social Care is suitable for a wide range of professionals involved in the provision: Integrative Health and Social Care Assignment, UD, UK

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The BSc (Hons) Integrative Health and Social Care is suitable for a wide range of professionals involved in the provision: Integrative Health and Social Care Assignment, UD, UK

UniversityUniversity Of Derby (UD)
SubjectIntegrative Health and Social Care

The BSc (Hons) Integrative Health and Social Care is suitable for a wide range of professionals involved in the provision and delivery of a changing and expanding health and social care agenda. As a student in the program, you could be from one of these roles:

  • Care home advocate;
  • Care managers;
  • Drug and alcohol worker;
  • Education welfare officer;
  • Family support worker;
  • Grants officer;
  • Health educators;
  • Health promotion worker;
  • Health scientists;
  • Healthcare assistants and healthcare support workers;
  • Paramedics;
  • Policy development or lobbying in the field;
  • Practice managers;
  • Probation Services officer;
  • Registered care home manager;
  • Residential support worker;
  • Social researcher;
  • Social work assistant;
  • Social workers and social work assistants;
  • Specialist practitioners;
  • Substance abuse outreach worker;
  • Victim care officer;
  • Volunteer co-ordinator.
  • Ward managers;
  • Youth workers and youth justice workers.


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Increasingly, practitioners are being called upon to lead change within their organizations on both practical and strategic fronts. Consultation with key partners, stakeholders, and students has highlighted the demand for flexible, inter-professional programs such as this.

As a program team, we are aware that health and social care practitioners are required to have a wide range of specific and transferable skills and this program offers you the diversity and flexibility that will help you develop these skills.

The BSc (Hons) Integrative Health and Social Care reflects the changing requirements within the health and social care arena that expects skilled and flexible professionals to adapt and lead developments in their own specific areas of practice. The Government wants the integration of health and social care in every area of England by 2020.

This requires a workforce of health and social care professionals who are adaptable, flexible, competent, and capable and can operate within the NHS and Social Care Services values and behaviors. Integrated working ensures that care and support are delivered in a partnership between individuals, communities, the voluntary and private sectors, the NHS, and Social Services.

Integrative Care is a worldwide trend in health and social care reforms and new organizational arrangements focusing on more coordinated and integrated forms of care provision. Integrative care is seen as a response to the fragmented delivery of health and social services and acknowledges problems in many health and social care systems. Integrated care covers a complex and comprehensive field and there are many different approaches to and definitions of the concept.


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The World Health Organisation (WHO) (2020) gives the following definition:

“Integrated care is a concept bringing together inputs, delivery, management, and organization of services related to diagnosis, treatment, care, rehabilitation, and health promotion. Integration is a means to improve services in relation to access, quality, user satisfaction, and efficiency.”

The focus of this program encapsulates this principle in ensuring a developed workforce with a secure knowledge and skills base in integrative care fit for the 21st century. This program reflects the academic benchmarks for students in health and social care to meet defined standards in knowledge, practice, and application of ethical principles.

The flexibility that is offered within this award will allow you to devise a coherent program of study, guided by a specialist Academic team consisting of Academic Leads, Associate Academics, and Online Learner advisors who will support both your individual aspirations and also reflect your requirements. This will enable you to negotiate a bespoke diet of education provision to meet your needs as an individual and as an agent of change within your organization.

Individual modules within the program may address the development of your professional skills and knowledge, management and leadership skills, skills in educating in health and social care, and research skills. Flexibility is the key characteristic of the BSc (Hons) Integrative Health and Social Care in terms of program flexibility, study flexibility and utilization of chosen tools and devices. The following diagram illustrates this:

Integrative Health and Social Care


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