Using research, explain legislation and statutory frameworks that apply to service providers: Adult Nursing Assignment, UOB, UK

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Using research, explain legislation and statutory frameworks that apply to service providers: Adult Nursing Assignment, UOB, UK

UniversityUniversity of Bedfordshire (UOB)
SubjectAdult Nursing

Unit : Principles of governance in adult care

1:   Using research, explain legislation and statutory frameworks that apply to service providers. In what ways can forums be used to draw attention to potential conflicts between statutory frameworks and principles of good practice?

2:  Evaluate the impact of legislation and policy on person-centered and outcomes-based procedures and practice.(1.2)

3:  Describe the following governance mechanisms (a) Legislative requirements (b) Government bodies (c) Quality measures (d) Risk management  (e) Sharing of information ( f) Duty of Candor and, explain how they relate to the identity of your organization as either a statutory, private, voluntary, or independent organization. (2.1).

4: Explain your position of accountability within your organization’s governance structure. Evaluate how agreed ways of working such as protocols, policies and procedures relate to governance and accountability. (2.2, 2.3)

Unit : Principles of Regulatory Processes for Adult Care:

  • Identify which services are subject to registration and inspection. Explain the reasons for the inspection system in England, key drivers; the legislation underpinning it
  • Identify key areas of enquiry for inspection; the grading system used; the implications for the organization of each grade that can be awarded and sources of information and support.
  •  Analyze the role, remit and responsibilities of (a) the registered manager (b) the Nominated Individual and who may be appointed to this role ( c) ‘fit and proper person’  (d) Inspectors.
  •  Identify who needs to be aware of and involved in the inspection process; the information required; how to prepare for it and the process. Evaluate ways to address the outcome and impact of an inspection
  • Identify the range of regulatory requirements that apply to adult care services and the types of information required for each. Analyze where different regulatory frameworks may present conflicting requirements and ways to address such conflicts

Unit :  Principles of Professional Development in Adult Care

10: Identify mechanisms and resources that support learning and development in adult care. Discuss what to consider when selecting and commissioning activities to keep yours and your team’s knowledge up to date, and the importance of continuously doing it.

11: Evaluate (a) how different sources and systems of support assist professional development in adult care settings, and (b) potential barriers and constraints that relate to them.

12: Assess (a) the importance of reflective practice for improving performance and the different models that support this (b)  the importance of literacy, numeracy, and digital skills in adult care.


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