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CMI Unit 702 Leading and Developing People to Optimise Performance Level 7 Assignment Sample UK

CMI Unit 702 Leading and Developing People to Optimise Performance Level 7 Assignment Sample UK

The CMI 702 Leading and Developing People to Optimise Performance course offers a comprehensive curriculum to build essential skills and increase knowledge in strategic, process-oriented leadership. This training builds the foundations needed to motivate and inspire teams so their performance is at its peak.

Throughout the course, attendees learn best practices that target improving methods of communication and collaboration, personal responsibility, adaptive problem solving, and building an overall positive corporate culture. This program equips aspiring leaders with the core elements of leading a team not only efficiently but also effectively, providing them with the confidence they need to succeed in leadership roles.

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CMI 702 Task 1: Understand the principles for leading and developing people.

Happy and motivated employees are essential to running an effective organization. To ensure team members reach their full potential, leaders must understand the principles for leading and developing people. This includes making sure that employees have clearly defined roles and objectives, offering support when needed, and providing chances to learn and progress while also setting clear boundaries. By taking a collaborative approach between managers and staff, businesses are able to create an environment of trust in which individuals can thrive and contribute meaningfully, allowing the organization to become more successful as a whole.

AC 1.1 Discuss the influence of leadership, culture, and people development on performance.

Effective leadership and organizational culture along with people development are the foundation that impacts performance in any organization. Good leaders set objectives, and goals, generate ideas, and create a culture of collaboration and trust to drive performance. Leaders create contexts where people can thrive, grow and develop their strengths, allowing them to become better performers.

Simultaneously an inclusive, positive, and innovative culture also helps in driving performance by giving employees tools to excel. An efficient process for people development ensures employees have access to learning and training opportunities to bring out their best performance. All in all, it is evident that leadership, culture, and people development play a pivotal role in promoting positive performance outcomes.

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AC 1.2 Appraise the impact of organizational development and design on performance.

Organizational development and design have had a profound impact on performance across many industries. By creating high-functioning teams, developing effective leadership strategies and implementing innovative solutions to address competitive pressures, organizations can become more successful and efficient. Through appropriate development and design within an organization, staff members can gain additional skills and confidence which will help them work better together to achieve their goals.

Additionally, reorganizing departments in order to reduce overlap or streamline processes can also help to improve the overall performance of the organization. Organizations that take the time to develop their organizational structures and designs will be sure to enjoy increased levels of employee engagement and improved performance over time.

AC 1.3 Critically appraise how human resource policy and strategy inform the way people are led and developed.

Human resource policy and strategy have an essential role to play in leading and developing people. Through carefully crafted strategies, HR professionals can ensure that each individual is being held to a standard of excellence while being given the support they need to reach their potential. As leaders, HR must understand the dynamics of their workplace, identifying areas where employees might be struggling or where best practices are not being followed. Strategies used by the HR department should promote staff development while increasing employee loyalty and morale.

Policies informed by research and reliable data allow leaders to make informed decisions that benefit their organization as a whole. Additionally, HR can implement systems to track progress, assess results, and provide guidance for the successful implementation of organizational policies so that people are led effectively.

AC 1.4 Explore strategies to promote engagement, mental health, and wellbeing as an enabler of performance.

Promoting engagement, mental health, and well-being as an enabler of performance can be challenging, but there are active steps that managers can take. These include getting to know their employees in order to better understand individual working styles, preferences and motivations which will enable them to create specific goals that fit their capabilities. It is also important for managers to promote transparency so that employees feel secure and respected, and make sure they are adequately rewarded for their efforts in order to boost feelings of stakeholder value.

At the same time, managers need to support their teams with timely feedback on their work performance and ensure they receive regular training opportunities which both build morale and result in higher performance outcomes. By taking these proactive strategies seriously, it is possible for workers to develop a healthier sense of themselves at work as well as attain greater levels of productivity.

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 CMI 702 Task 2: Understand leadership and development strategy.

Seeking to understand leadership and development strategy is an essential component of any successful business. By identifying strong leaders, forging opportunities for personal and professional growth, and creating specific plans for employees to reach their career goals, businesses can create a sense of purpose which leads to increased engagement and productivity. Such strategies serve as the foundation for any organization’s momentum over time and their ability to attract and retain the best talent available. Building a clear understanding of how leadership and development fit together can be invaluable as organizations strive to achieve success.

AC 2.1 Propose a leadership and development strategy which values people whilst optimizing organizational success.

A successful leadership and development strategy should be focused on valuing people and optimizing organizational success. By implementing an effective performance review system, employees can be regularly evaluated to ensure that their goals, objectives, and development needs are being met. Additionally, regular training opportunities will help support employees in honing their skill sets, with the aim of increasing productivity and efficiency.

Mentoring programs should also form an integral part of a leadership strategy – encouraging experienced staff to work closely with more junior members of staff to share information and knowledge in order to develop the company’s culture of growth. In this way, organizations can create the conditions for both individual and organizational success, motivating staff while boosting business performance.

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