CMI Level 7 Assignments


CMI Unit 712 Strategic Management Project Level 7 Assignment Sample UK

CMI Unit 712 Strategic Management Project Level 7 Assignment Sample UK

The CMI 712 Strategic Management Project course examines the processes behind effective strategic management within organizations by understanding their contexts, constraints, and operations to develop current strategies. In the course, you will develop skills in analyzing business conditions and the external competitive environment to assess strategy formulation. You will be introduced to methods of analysis that are used in designing and executing strategic alternatives.

This will help you to gain an understanding of how successful managers formulate and implement strategies for organizational success. By the end of the course, you should have strong knowledge of strategic management principles and their application in real-world scenarios. The focus is on mastering the complexities of modern business environments. In sum, the CMI 712 Strategic Management Project course is designed to equip students with a set of tools that can be used to ensure organizations make well-informed decisions while creating value for stakeholders.

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In this session, let’s explore some assigned tasks. Here is a list of what to expect:

CMI 712 Task 1: Know how to develop a strategic management project.

A successful strategic management project requires careful planning and preparation. In the planning process, analyze the current environment, define objectives and assess available resources. To create an effective strategy, set goals that are achievable yet challenging, choose a suitable approach, and determine the individuals or departments responsible for specific strategies. Once the plan is in place, it’s essential to evaluate regularly to ensure all strategies are on track.

AC 1.1 Develop the business case for a strategic management project.

Investing in a strategic management project can often represent a significant financial commitment for an organization, so it is important for companies to clearly understand the business case for such an investment. Developing a business case for a strategic management project can help to ensure that the initiative is closely tied to overall corporate objectives, and that intended outcomes are as cost-efficient and achievable as possible.

Additionally, stakeholders will be more likely to approve the project if they have visibility into how it supports financial and operational goals. Strong business cases should be comprehensive yet succinct, outlining what must be done and the expected impacts of taking action. By taking this approach, organizations can establish a clear connection between initiatives and organizational strategy while also building support among stakeholders.

AC 1.2 Propose a research design to inform the direction of the strategic management project. 

A well-developed research design is pivotal to develop a successful strategic management project. To that end, it is necessary to craft a research design with key components and considerations in mind. Quantitative and qualitative methods should be employed in order to assess the current state of the organization as well as future goals, objectives, and strategies. Surveys and interviews with key stakeholders, such as employees and clients, would provide further insight into the data collected from the quantitative measures of the study.

Furthermore, gathering secondary data related to industry standards and competitor movements should be explored so that outcomes can be benchmarked against existing industry practices. Through effective planning and small iterative steps toward the larger goal, this intensive and comprehensive research method will shape the direction of the entire project.

AC 1.3 Recommend a project management methodology and tools to structure project delivery.

Agile project management is a powerful methodology for delivering projects on time and on budget. When used meticulously, Agile can also help structure and monitor goals and tasks to ensure a successful outcome. This can be done through the use of suitable project management tools such as JIRA or Trello, which are designed to enable both software and non-software development teams to plan, track, report, and organize activities in an organized way.

The ability to assign tasks to multiple users at the same time along with the richer collaboration options on offer from those platforms makes them ideal for structuring workflows within complex projects. With these tools in place, project managers can enjoy peace of mind that deadlines will be met without compromising product quality by ensuring project work is broken down into manageable milestones.

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CMI 712 Task 2: Know how to conduct a strategic management project.

Strategic management projects are incredibly important for any organization. Conducting such a project successfully requires detailed research, clear communication, and the application of analytical tools. The primary objective is to create strategies that will help organizations achieve their long-term goals in an efficient manner. By taking into account internal and external factors, stakeholders must critically evaluate resources in order to generate actionable insights that support decision-making processes.

AC 2.1 Report on the outcomes of the strategic management project.

The strategic management project has been concluded with positive results. The team’s thorough approach to analyzing the data and understanding the implications of our current structure has brought about a more efficient and effective operating environment. The newly implemented strategies have already resulted in improved transparency, clearer communication channels, and better cohesion among all divisions. As a result of this project, we are on track to realize the full potential of our organization so that we can continue to provide rewarding experiences for employees and customers alike.

AC 2.2 Critically reflect on the leadership skills and behaviors used to conduct the strategic management project.

Leading a strategic management project requires a highly organized and intentional approach with numerous skills. The leader must possess knowledge of global business trends, excellent communication ability, decision-making savvy, and demonstrated problem-solving acumen. However, what is generally seen in top strategies for organizational success are the broad vision and forward thinking of the leader executing their plan.

Furthermore, the leader must continue to exercise their leadership qualities throughout the course of the project—such as building team morale, maintaining focus and productivity, celebrating wins, and being proactive in addressing issues. Though no two successful leaders approach these tasks in exactly the same way, a winning combination of effective skills and behaviors will ultimately drive a successful strategic management initiative.

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