CMI Level 7 Assignments


CMI Unit 714 Personal and Professional Development for Strategic Leaders Level 7 Assignment Sample UK

CMI Unit 714 Personal and Professional Development for Strategic Leaders Level 7 Assignment Sample UK

The CMI 714 Personal and Professional Development for Strategic Leaders course offers plenty of insight into essential leadership skills. Participants will go in-depth into the subject matter, analyzing key frameworks and methods that guide successful management practices. In addition to covering topics such as mindfulness, mentorship, and communication, there is also a great emphasis on ethics and risk management within the realm of strategic leaders. It’s a comprehensive program of teachings developed for professionals who are looking to not only further their careers but help enhance others too.

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In this section, let’s discuss some of the assigned tasks. These include:

CMI 714 Task 1: Understand approaches for personal and professional development.

Personal and professional development requires a combination of dedicating time to self-reflection as well as taking purposeful steps to improve areas of weakness. From reflecting on a moment that caused growth, to taking advantage of educational opportunities, there are innumerable approaches one can take when developing personally or professionally. Additionally, having the resourcefulness to strategically identify and utilize tools that can help with the development process is key; this could include enlisting the help of mentors, attending workshops, making changes in routines, setting SMART goals, or engaging in research surrounding topics of interest.

AC 1.1 Critically reflect on the interrelationship between the skillset and mindset to develop as a strategic leader.

As a strategic leader, developing both the skillset and mindset is essential in order to lead in an effective and successful manner. With regards to the skillset, understanding key areas such as problem-solving, project management, and communication are invaluable; honing these abilities equip a leader with the necessary tools to craft strategies that can be implemented in advancing a group or organization. The mindset however provides for additional nuance; when one approaches decision-making from a flexible but informed standpoint, it opens up possibilities for creative solutions that can shift paradigms and disrupt existing pathways.

All in all, mapping out an individual development plan that takes into account both skill-building as well as philosophical realignments would create a powerful platform on which to develop one’s capacity as a strategic leader.

AC 1.2 Critically examine the personal values and behaviors required for strategic leadership practice.

Strategic leadership requires that a leader possess certain values and behaviors to effectively guide their organization towards the goals they have set out for themselves. Individuals must possess integrity, courage, and the capacity to understand their peers if they are going to be able to successfully drive their team. This includes the capability to recognize and be aware of their own personal biases as well as those of others. Additionally, strategic leaders must also have the ability to think critically and make decisions in a timely fashion as far as the goals and objectives of their team are concerned.

It is also important for these leaders to embrace change within an organization and be able to motivate people within their group so that each individual knows the importance of embracing new challenges or changes when needed. Ultimately, it is up to individuals aspiring towards strategic leadership roles in any context or environment to strive for these personal values and behaviors if they wish to move forward in their roles with maximum potential.

AC 1.3 Critically appraise how engagement with personal and professional development impacts on strategic leadership.

Strategic leadership requires 21st-century leaders to be equipped with the essential skills, knowledge and behaviors to lead organizations in a diverse and fast-moving world. Engaging with personal and professional development is key to increasing effectiveness in the workplace. Developing new capabilities and broadening horizons through engaging with different forms of professional development enables effective strategic leaders to find creative solutions and come up with innovative ideas more efficiently than if relying solely on experience.

Effective knowledge acquisition from these engagement activities also enhances collaborative working practices as well as developing organizational resilience. All these increases improve an organization’s ability to meet its ambitions, thereby leading it ahead of its competition.

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CMI 714 Task 2: Know how to develop as a strategic leader through personal and professional development.

Strategic leadership requires personal and professional development and growth. Individuals looking to hone their skills as a strategic leader must equip themselves with the necessary tools. This includes developing relationships, understanding how to influence others, and planning for success. Strengthening existing knowledge and expertise is essential, as well as creating partnerships both inside and outside of the organization. Opportunities that encourage learning from mistakes will provide invaluable experience in becoming an effective strategic leader. With a dedication to ongoing self-improvement, one can develop into a successful leader with the ability to set a vision for the future and attain their goals.

AC 2.1 Critically reflect on personal, interpersonal, and professional competencies to lead strategically.

Reflecting on and critically evaluating one’s personal, interpersonal, and professional competencies can be a powerful way to develop the skills necessary for effective strategic leadership. Personal development focuses on self-improvement through areas such as time management, problem-solving, and goal setting; interpersonal competencies include proficiency in communication, teamwork, and collaboration; while professional competencies consist of essential knowledge, such as an understanding of industry practices or current trends.

Strategic leaders must cultivate all three types of competency to make wise decisions, facilitate productive relationships with colleagues and peers, and have the resources to direct their team – both professionally and personally – in the right direction. In undertaking this reflection process thoroughly, leaders are ensured greater chances of success in achieving their goals.

AC 2.2 Produce a personal and professional development plan to improve strategic leadership.

Developing a personal and professional development plan to improve strategic leadership is an important goal for any individual looking to take their career to the next level. This can be done through participation in workshops, seminars, and tutorials; reading books to become more knowledgeable on the subject; engaging in self-reflection activities to hone both decision-making and critical thinking skills; and consistently discussing ideas with colleagues who are also invested in becoming better strategists.

Additionally, gaining additional education or pursuing certifications related to the subject matter provides one with a deepened understanding of strategic leadership that leaves them better prepared for making informed decisions—both professionally and personally. All these activities will undoubtedly lead to improved effectiveness as a leader.

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