ILM Level 2 Assignments


ILM 217 Business Improvement Techniques Level 2 Assignment Sample UK

ILM 217 Business Improvement Techniques Level 2 Assignment Sample UK

ILM 217 Business Improvement Techniques course is a great tool for anyone wanting to increase their business’s efficiency. With a range of topics, from budgeting and accounting to six-sigma and marketing, the course provides an array of skills that help create and sustain a successful business. It is essential for entrepreneurs or upper management who want to ensure their businesses have the right strategies in place. Whether you are just starting out with your first business, or you need to make improvements in an existing business, this course will be of immense value!

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In this segment, let’s dive into the various assigned tasks. These include:

ILM 217 Task 1: Understand the importance of continuous quality and performance improvement within the workplace.

Quality and performance improvements are essential in any workplace. Taking the time to review processes, products, and services on a regular basis helps ensure that your organization is operating at its optimal level and staying ahead of the competition. Analyzing performance metrics allows businesses to note areas requiring improvement or creative solutions while also acknowledging employee successes or great customer experiences.

AC 1.1 Explain why continuous quality and performance improvement are important for an organization.

Quality and performance improvement are essential components of an effective organization. Improved quality can lead to better customer satisfaction, while improved performance creates higher employee morale and efficiency. Enhancing quality and performance also sets organizations apart from their competitors in the market, as strong performance and a good reputation demonstrate an organization’s commitment to excellence.

One of the goals of continuous quality improvement is to identify customer needs and design products that meet them, while improved operational processes maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Implementing ongoing cycles of improvement helps organizations ensure they are continually growing and meeting the shifting demands of their customers. Quality and performance improvement should be seen as investments that have long-term payoffs for any successful organization.

AC 1.2 Explain how the team could be encouraged to adopt continuous improvement techniques.

Continuous improvement techniques are essential in any team setting. To facilitate this, it’s important to create an environment within the team that fosters open communication and promotes cooperation. When employees feel valued and respected for their ideas, they become more confident in suggesting new ideas and methods that can be implemented to improve areas of performance.

Introducing incentives, such as recognition and rewards, is also a great way to create a positive feedback loop for any continuously improving efforts. Furthermore, providing resources to help guide the team through implementing these techniques helps ensure that everybody is on board with the changes being made. With commitment from leaders, support from colleagues, and tangible rewards for improvement efforts, a team can be enabled and empowered to strive for greater excellence.

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ILM 217 Task 2: Know how to use business improvement tools and techniques to continuously improve the workplace.

Achieving excellence in the workplace requires the adept use of business improvement tools and techniques. Familiarizing oneself with methods to enhance processes, increase efficiency and realize cost savings is essential for employee professional development. Practicing problem-solving and critical thinking skills within the workplace will help recognize areas for improvement, allowing a solution-based approach that focuses on the long-term success of the organization.

AC 2.1 Identify a problem within the team or own area of the organization.

One of the biggest problems that appear to have arisen within our team is communication. We are quickly seeing a breakdown in communication due to the lack of collaboration, understanding, and direction from upper management. In addition, people seem uninterested in discussing new strategies or raising their own personal potential which could lead to improved project objectives.

This is concerning as it could potentially make any progress we are making stagnate if it’s not adequately addressed. To ensure teamwork and productive problem-solving, I believe it is necessary for leadership to get actively involved in promoting positive collaborations and the open flow of ideas across all levels of the organization.

AC 2.2 Explain two possible causes of the problem.

One potential cause of the problem is inadequate resources. This lack of resources may be due to financial constraints, not enough personnel, or a lack of information. Another possible cause of the difficulty is conflicting objectives. Different goals between departments or stakeholders can lead to confusion and difficulty in achieving desired results. Understanding the underlying causes of an issue can help organizations resolve their challenges more quickly and effectively.

AC 2.3 Explain how to address the problem using a recognized business improvement technique and/or tool.

One effective way to take on any challenge in the business environment is to use a well-recognized business improvement technique and/or tool. With these approaches, one can not only recognize and understand the workings of an issue but also come up with plans that can successfully address it. Techniques like Lean Six Sigma, ISO 9001, or Kanban are commonly employed for their systematic, structured approach that enables organizations to break down and analyze problems efficiently, find optimal solutions, and move forward quickly.

Additionally, productivity tools such as task trackers, project management software, software development kits, and so forth can help teams stay organized and automate processes. Ultimately, investing in the right techniques and/or tools can go a long way in resolving any problem encountered in business.

AC 2.4 Outline one method they could use to measure the effectiveness of the proposed improvement tool or technique.

When assessing the effectiveness of the proposed improvement tool or technique, a powerful survey could be developed and conducted with the team members. The survey should include questions that measure employee satisfaction, job performance, and overall engagement within the organization.

Subsequently, survey results can be used to compare effectiveness before and after the implementation of the improvement tool or technique to best determine whether the new system is successful in its goals. Additionally, random interviews with team members post-implementation could provide valuable insight and feedback on further improvements to consider.

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ILM 217 Task 3: Know how to communicate the benefits of the identified improvement for implementation.

When trying to implement identified improvements, it is important to know how to effectively communicate the benefits of the change. It is essential to demonstrate that the improvement provides value and is well worth the effort to complete. Doing so will help encourage stakeholders to commit resources toward achieving a successful implementation. Outlining the opportunities for cost savings, improved efficiency or added value will be invaluable in making a strong case for taking action on identified improvements.

AC 3.1 Outline the reason(s) for selecting an identified improvement.

After thorough research and deliberation, selecting an identified improvement was the best decision for our organization. Not only did it provide the opportunity for increased efficiency for the entire staff, but it also enhanced our customers’ experience by reducing wait times and providing a more streamlined approach when solving problems. Moreover, this improvement allowed us to respond quickly to market changes while working within our budget. Ultimately, we firmly believe that this improvement provided a necessary boost in many areas of our operations.

AC 3.2 Describe how the benefits of the identified improvement could be reported.

Making an improvement in any area is of great benefit to the recipient, and there are numerous ways to report these benefits. Depending on the type and scope of the improvement, both quantitative and qualitative feedback may be gathered. Interviews can provide information regarding user sentiment toward the improvement, while surveys may offer a statistical measure of satisfaction.

Automated analytics can also be used to monitor operational performance before and after the implementation of an upgrade, helping to clearly display changes. The results of all these processes can then be collated into a final report, providing an easy-to-read overview of the improvement’s impacts.

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