CMI Unit 603: Approaches Required To Make And Sustain Cultural Change: Organizational Culture, Assignment, CU, UK

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CMI Unit 603: Approaches Required To Make And Sustain Cultural Change: Organizational Culture, Assignment, CU, UK

UniversityConventry University (CU)
SubjectCMI: Unit 603 Organizational Culture


There will be times within a professional manager and leaders’ career when they will be required to work with an organisation to make and sustain cultural change. This assessment task has been designed for the professional manager and leader to take an in-depth look at approaches to making and sustaining cultural change and the theoretical concepts and frameworks which underpin this activity


ABX was an organisation founded in 1920 by a family who owned and managed it through the generations. Three months ago, ABX was bought out by a large public limited company called CAPITAL@ and the family ties to the business were cut. CAPITAL@ are well known for innovative approaches in using technology, managing staff and stakeholder relationships. They have recently been in the press as they are anticipating large profits for the coming financial year which will result in an increase in the dividends paid to its shareholders.

There was a dedicated staff team at ABX, many of whom had worked in the organisation for decades. An audit showed working practices and the use of technology was dated, however knowledge capital was significant and the reputation of those who worked for ABX was high. There is apathy towards any change (processes, procedures, new organisational vision). There is a perception that CAPITAL@ is driven by the use of aggressive outcomes.

 Existing staff are fearful of the future, and are not enthused by the prospect of being led by a new management and leadership team and are wary of working collaboratively with new colleagues etc. There is a feeling of tension and distrust between the new recruits and existing staff. There is an urgent need to bring together the divergent staff teams, unite them in a common purpose and ensure that this is maintained over time. You have been challenged to develop a proposal to make this happen.


Basing your response on the Scenario, or a cultural change within an organisation you know well or have researched, write a proposal entitled:
‘A proposal to make and sustain cultural change’ The proposal must include:

● The vision for cultural change and evaluation of current position
● An implementation plan to make and sustain cultural change
● Strategies which will support cultural change
● Strategies to monitor and evaluate outcomes
● Strategies to sustain cultural change (AC2.1)

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